"Antigone" - Bronze and gesso

"Amazon" - Silicon Bronze Amphora with green patina

"Ciaran Anphora" - Bronze hollow form with amethyst

"Origins" - Sterling with natural smoky quartz

"Dolphin Dream" - Sterling with gemstones and quartz

"Grace" - Carved porcelain

"Breathing Life" - Bronze mask with brown patina

"Mawu" - Black porcelain with gemstones

"Akira" - Avocado Pit with gesso and watercolor

"Old Woman in the Shoe" - Bronze

"Goddess Womyn" - Soapstone

"She Who Creates from Her Own Source" - Sterling with gemstone

"Renaissance Dragons" - 14K gold and amethyst

"La Madre" - Poly-chrome terra cotta

"Art Speaks the soul of its culture."

Thank you for viewing a few of the pieces I have created. My work has been deeply influenced by the swirling, dancing blend of cultures that is life in the second half of the twentieth century. Many of the pieces on this page are in private collections.
My studios are in Northern California.
Please e-mail me if you have any comments or questions about my work. Please visit the Goddess Jewelry and T-shirt page.

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