About Magical Tools 


                                     About Magical Tools

by Abby Willowroot © 2008

There are many books that talk in great detail about the Magical Tools you will need to be a real Wiccan, Witch or Pagan.  Since I have been a practicing Pagan since 1961, and have been a Magic Wand maker for decades,  I thought it was a good aubject for me to write about.  Some folks will disagree with what I say, but many experienced, long time magical folks agree with me.



What You Will Need Most -

  • an open heart and hunger to learn

  • respect for Nature, and willingness to think Green

  • curiosity, kindness, respect for others beliefs 

  • a belief in the powers of directed energy to create the future 

  • a willingness to learn and grow, respect for others paths

  • a belief that all life is sacred, and all life is connected

  • a committment to harm none

  • imagination and willingness


What You Will NOT Need -

  • expensive, fancy Magical Tools

  • cool witchy clothes, unless you really want them

  • "Experts" telling you what to believe in

  • a Deity of any kind, unless you feel drawn to one

  • a Coven, unless you really want to join one

  • classes to teach you how to be who you are

  • turning your back on things you value

  • negative people around you

  • bigotry and hatred


Things to be Avoided -

  • people who try to manipulate you

  • people who tell you that only they can teach you right

  • situations that are creepy or uncmfortable for you

  • making yourself feel important by putting others down

  • peer pressure and group pressure to do something

  • anyone who tells you to keep uncomfortable things secret

  • anyone who says sex is necessary for magical work

  • anyone who tries to turn you against friends or family

  • anyone who tries to isolate you or bully you

  • spending money you cannot afford to spend

  • feeling intimidated by "Experts" or anyone

  • addiction to anything, drugs, games, people

  • being mean


Skills to Develop in Yourself -

  • the ability to really listen to others

  • learn to trust your Gut Instinct in all things

  • learn to sit quietly outside and hear Nature

  • writing about your feelings and experiences

  • computer literacy and web searching for Info

  • an attitude of giving and sharing with others

  • trusting your own judgment and ideas

  • make Art and teach others to make Art

  • kindness and compassion

  • using your own creativity



Things to Learn More About -

  • Focus, learn to focus your mind by practicing

  • Herbs and plants, trees and grains  

  • Folklore, and the customs of other cultures

  • Crystals, stones, metals and their properties

  • Earth's environment and how you can help it

  • History of witches, wizards, magical people

  • What other religions believe and their rituals

  • Native American and Indigenous Tribal ways

  • Tarot, Divination, Runes and Astrology

  • Ancient Cultures and their beliefs

  • Goddesses and Gods of many cultures

  • Your own psychic skills and powers

  • Healthy living and the healing powers within you

  • Healers, Shaman and other Magical folks

  • Sewing, embroidery, carving wood


Things to Practice -

  • reading energy around people, places and things

  • focus, sharpen your mind by focusing daily

  • being creative in as many ways as you can

  • listening to what others are really sayng

  • listen to what you really say when you speak

  • learning one new thing a day, everyday

  • being kind to others, expecially strangers

  • saying no to things you disagree with

  • courage, in thought, word, and deed

  • patience, it's hard, but it's important

  • magical blessings and invocations

  • recycle daily, often and wisely 

  • looking within yourself


Magical Tools -

There are lots of folks that will tell you need fancy magical tools, you do not.  Everything you need to really practice magic is already within you, except, maybe a bit of knowledge, and that can be learned.  If you want to set up an Altar with some magical tools it can be a fun and easy experience, as long as you use your imagination and creativity.  

Magical Tools are fun and can help you to focus your energy for magical work. You can buy magical tools from stores, websites, and thrift stores, you can make magical tools from the things around you, a branch makes a fine magic wand, especialy if you carve or decorate it yourself.

An Athame (magical knife) can be any knife that seems right to you, it can be as simple as a kitchen knife or letter opener. Many boks advocate a double edged knife, but it isn't ncessary. My own magical knife is an old kitchen knife from a thrift store, I bought it because it's wood handle was worn from years of use, and the energy was really wonderful, I have used it fauthfully for many years and it only cost $1.49. 

 Altar items can be mainly found objects from Nature, shells, stones, dried grasses, wood pieces you carve.  A Goddess or God representation can be a statue, or a symbolic item  that feels like a God or Goddess. Many people use a feminine and masculin feeling rock, others use bundles of twigs bound together with embroidery floss or cord. 

 Ancient pagans, shaman and witches made all their own ritual objects and magical tools. A pentacle for your Altar can be drawn on paper, carved in wood, painted or embroidred on cloth, made of recycled materials, or bought, all of these will work equally well for you. 

 A Chalice can be made of pottery, glass, metal, or wood, it's power is in it's consecration by you, not in its materials. Pagan shops online and off offer these quite reasonably, and thrift stores have a wide variety of good choices for a chalice, your kitchen cabiets may also have something that would work well as a Chalice.  A bell can be as simple as a jingle bell from Christmas, or an old push bell from a thrift store, or a bell with a handle.  Bowls for salt and water are easy, any tiny bowls will work well, you can decorate them with paint and symbols if you like. 

 Candlesticks are easy, thrift stores have tons of them and they are very inexpensive.  Candles can also be purchased locally at many stores, including dollar stores.    Incense can be used for smudging and should be put on a surface that won't get hot when it burns down for cones, and  a simple wood incense holder works great for sticks, or stick incense can be put in a small bucket of sand. 

 Your Altar can be a simple wood board, stool, small table, shelf, or wood tray. Your Altar Cloth can be any piece of fabric that feels good to you, it can be new fabric, or a pice cut from an old, favorite, much loved, piece of clothing. 

 As a fun exercise in creativity and Green consciousness, why not try making a Recycled Altar? make it entirely recyled objects.  If you are in a Coven or group, see if others want to make a Recycled Altar too.  This Altar will help to make you more mindful of your choices and the Earth's needs.

I hope this has helped you to understand that the Magic is inside of You, not in the objects that you choose to use in your magical practices.  True understanding of ritual, magick and spiritual practices takes time and practice.  Everday you use your skills and grow i knowlwdge brings you closer to connecting ith your most magical and powerful self. 

Go forth, Be Magical, and Enjoy!!!




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