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~Goddess 2000 Project~

A Grass-roots Goddess Art Project & Celebration

How To, Ideas & Suggestions

Nobody can make Your tribute to the Goddess and Nature but You!

Also see Goddess Panels Instructions

Here are some ideas, suggestions and instructions for making wonderful Goddess Art. Join us in creating the largest outpouring of Goddess Imagery seen in 3,ooo years.

There are some designs for large wall sculptures at that can be used indoors or out at Goddess Wall Art Instructions *If you are making outdoor pieces, use plywood instead of fibreboard, as it doesn't hold up well to weather. These projects are really easy.


If you live on land, why not build a Sacred Labyrinth? It can be done with rocks, or stakes & rope, or by cutting a short grass path in long grass, or by planting bushes and shrubs, or with poles & fabric, or with logs & wood.

Living Labyrinths can be made by planting shrubs,or tall grasses in a Labyrith pattern. These are truly gifts of the Earth to the Earth. Sacred Mounds can also be built if you have some help. Your town may even let you build a Labyrinth in the park. We will be posting some Labyrinth designs and pictures here soon.

* Proper safety precautions must always be taken when using tools and materials.
Please refer to manufacturer's safety warnings before beginning any project.
Eye protection and gloves are recommended.

Wood Goddesses

Here is an example of how to make a 9 foot tall Goddess from a few pieces of wood, scrap fabric, string and old bedsheets.



Your Goddess can be decorated any way you like, from simply painting Her, to adding all kinds of feathers, shells, appliques, leaves, jewels or whatever.

Here are some other basic Wood Designs for your Goddess, and other ways to finish them.



Different Materials for Goddesses or GreenMan

More ideas and instructions will be posted here soon.

Cement Goddesses

*Always wear gloves when working with cement to avoid skin burns

This kind of Goddess is easy to make, but hard to move after it is finished. Cement is very heavy. If you like the look of tiny stones, use Concrete mix instead of Cement

If you want your Goddess to be portable try Plaster instead, and Newspaper can be used instead of Sand Bags. This is more fragile, but it is liftable.



Some ways to decorate your Goddess are with paint or the ways below.


You start by filling bags with sand, and piling them into the approximate shape you want.Then push ReBar,(any hardware store has ReBar) through all the sandbags to give your piece stability. When this is done. loosely cover your entire piece with chicken wire, this will give the cement something to "grab onto" and make it strong and long lasting.

Next, you mix cement, one or two 60lb. bags at a time, and cover the chicken wire and sandbags. You can shape basic Goddess features now. Add cement as needed to flesh out the details of your Goddess. If you want to add pottery shard, glass pieces or bead to your sculpture, now is the time to press them firmly into the wet cement.

*If it is hot when you make your goddess, when you are finished, cover the piece with wet cloths, so it will not dry too fast and crack.

"Written in Stone"

It recently occured to me that anyone with a bag of cement, a little water and a stick
can write Goddess Blessings, Names, Symbols, draw Goddesses or whatever in Stone!

Just mix the cement, pour it out, into a frame,(4 pieces of wood nailed or tied together)
or a simple mound you can smooth out. When it is partially set, scratch the words into it,
cover with a damp cloth and leave it till it is dry and set.
Voila! You have just created a very permenant bit of Goddess Culture.

Of course, stones, glass, broken china, wood, paint, etc can be added,
but I really like the idea of simple words in Praise of the Goddess set in stone.

You can also make "stones" "boulders" etc. and write your messages in Runes too.
Anyway, hope you like the idea. A bag of cement is very cheap!

Fabric Goddesses

There are all kinds of things that can be done in Fabric and Textiles. Here are examples of 2 very simple painted Banners. The designs are so simple anyone can do them. If you sew, you can applique different color fabrics to make a Banner, or you can use Iron-On fabric stitching.

Banners or Flags can be any shape or size, and can be used again and again for rituals and gatherings. Tassels, ribbon fringe, sequins, felt cut-outs and other things make nice additions to Banners.

String can be woven into a Web for Spider Grandmother, You can cut out large Goddess shapes and stuff them with batting to make lightweight Sculptures, or ribbon and wood can be used to make Goddess May Poles. There is no end to what can be made with a little imagination.

These Prayer flags can have Goddess prayers written on the flags and ribbons with permanent ink pens. Prayer Flags are a wonderful Asian tradition, and they lend themselves well to honoring the Goddess and sending your healing thoughts into the Universe. You can even make each flag in the shape of a Goddess, or some of Her symbols, like the Labyris flag. A GreenMan Prayer flag could have green ribbon flowing vines. Let your imagination play!

Great Participant Ideas & Suggestions

Goddess Topiary Page

With instructions for making your own fabulous Goddess Topiary. This is a really cool page!

Winner ~ Best Community Building Idea
LynnLough, VA
My desire for a local celebration of Goddess 2000 is to create a canned goods public labyrinth that would be in place for the solstice...after the lab is dismantled the canned goods will be donated to a local women's shelter...I have spoken to several people about this project and have gotten very positive response...after the VA Fest I will be putting the execution of the project in the forefront of my activities ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

WInner ~ Best Indoor Lighting Idea
Kaitlyn Breene, NV
Jar candles are always good and fairly safe for altars and quarters. If you are inside or cannot have a bonfire use many jar candles in a tight grouped circle with candles in holders of different hieghts to create a glowing centerpiece to dance around and focus for meditations . A real fire is always best and should be lit in a ceremonial manner. Assign people (Or the folks acting as the quarter callers) be torch bearers and have each person bear a torch blessed with an energy such as "Healing", "Love", "Abundance", "Peace" or whatever qualities the ritual is calling forth. The torch bearers can light these from the altar flame and dance them to the central fire ring. Sayingsomrhting like this as they light the fire "I bear the fire of Transformation May it burn brightly...." It is very important to have Jar Candles or Tiki torches surrounding the central fire, they should be at the far edges of the circle, outside where participants are standing. This creates a warm circle of light and lets the dancers and folks at the back feel part of the energy and not out in the dark. If you use Torches, always get torches that have removable fluid cans, this makes life much easier for clean up and transporting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Winner ~ Best Outdoor Ritual Lighting Idea
Trian Saith, OK
One Kind of Ritual Outdoor Lighting I'm in Oklahoma and we have our share of inclement weather too. I bought a bunch of whalers lamps..I think that's what they're called. They're can-shaped and made of tin with holes punched in them or sometimes panes of glass set in them. You can make them really cheaply with a pair of tin snips or even a screwdriver (to punch just holes) and some Folger's coffee cans. At night they shine prettily and they're covered so your candles don't burn out. We've even lined some of them with colored tissue paper (but only when using tea lights, fire risks being what they are) and they created a soft, diffused light that was very special. Happy Howling! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Winner ~ Best Childrens' Idea
Andi Fasimpaur
Projects for Kids (or anyone else) 1.) offeratory goddess sculptures... Using clay, any kind will do, make small goddess sculptures. This is a great way to teach a little art history, you can have pictures of paleolithic/neolithic goddess sculptures (which are usually pretty simple, which makes them easier for small, untrained hands)... Choose a myth or story related to the theme or timing of your ritual (I love the Story Teller's Goddess as a source for myths, when I'm not feeling energetic enough to write one for the ritual...) and read the myth while the children work. The use of a myth helps inspire them and give them ideas if they're stuck, it also allows them to work without anyone watching them (which makes a lot of kids self-conscious)... Place a seed into the clay, I would recommend a seed for a native wildflower, something that isn't going to be invasive to the environment where you will be making your offerings. Place the children's sculptures on the altar for the ritual to charge them. After the ritual, the children can take their sculptures home with them and the next time they go to a favorite place, they can leave the unfired clay sculpture as an offering. The unfired clay disolves into the earth, enriching the soil of the surounding plants. Usually, the seed will germinate in it's next growing season, as a reminder of the blessed offering you made. 2.) Sidewalk Goddesses and Labyrinths. Have children make sidewalk goddess murals using sidewalk chalk. The chalk drawings are temporary, so you don't need any special permits or permission. The images are there to be enjoyed for a short time, which makes them more special. To make things more interesting, there is glow-in-the-dark sidewalk chalk available (I believe Prang makes it, there may be other brands out there) so a labyrinth drawn during the day would be visible for walking after dark. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Winner ~ Best Ritual Idea for Kids
Anne Weller, CA
For the kids, we are putting a troop (on the spot) together of all ages of kids.I have bought about 20 scarf-length pieces of colorful chiffon, and they get to dance and run around within the circle as the "Rainbow Children of the Future" while we all chant or is yet to be decided, but possibly "Love is the Healing Power". I have lots of ideas about having a large ball, yellow like the sun.and using it in the ritual for people to roll back and forth around the circle, and everytime it gets to someone, they say a blessing for the community or a way they want to see things evolve and grow as the sun returns after solstice! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Other Great Ideas

From Kym Greenfield

~~~~~In Honor of the earth I recycle found and discarded furniture and tranform them into functional art. For the Goddess 2000 project may I suggest that you go to a garage sale, junk yard , local dump,your own basement or attic and find a piece of furntiure to transform into a Goddess motif. This can be painted with Goddess images,symbols,words, stories, animals,insects,plants and/or objects can be attached(ie:stones,feathers,sticks,shells,clay renditions of the Goddess, let your imagination be your guide) Adorn your creation with what best fits your path. After your project is complete it can be displayed or used as an alter.

Some ideas: Lamps ~can be used to represent the Sun or Moon( moon use an appropriate light bulb color) Chairs~as places of relaxation and contemplation or as art in the Garden.(chairs can also be rockers,or upholstered and you can paint etc. on the fabric) Dressers/tables~ as a place to keep sacred objects ,books or as an Alter Old chests~ can be used to store your Goddess items or used in the Garden to fill with dirt and grow Herbs in.

***Try using natural Pigments for your paint : yellow Ochre, burnt sienna etc. In Closing any found object can be transformed and recycled in Honor of the Mother. I often find the most amazing furniture in the garbage! The trick is to see what it ~ can be! In addition: It may be possible to organize a group and work on many pieces together with the object being to sell them giving the proceeds to an organization of your choice! Transformation and Creation***

from Teresa Chapin, NY

The first thought that came to my mind was "The Goddess is alive, and Magick is afoot".

To make my vision of the Goddess alive, I plan to make a frame from wood and chicken wire. To the chicken wire I am going to attach artificial and dried greenery and flowers. Unfortunately, I live in upstate NY and having an actual "living" Goddess would not be feasible for the harsh winters we have here. However, I love this idea so much that I am going to also make a smaller version of the Goddess for indoors that I can train live plants to go around, much the same as a topiary.

I also have another idea that can be used by people who live in apartments and have no yard, or those of us that, because of outside influences (ex-spouse, relatives, etc.) cannot have a nine foot statue sitting in their front yard.

Using Gallery Glass™, Liquid Lead™ (available at most craft stores) and a picture frame, a stained glass Goddess image can be made to be hung in a window. This is a very easy project and little to no actual artistic talent is necessary. You can trace the pattern with the Liquid Lead™ directly onto the picture frame glass from a graphic or drawing. The bard in our ADF Grove made a fantastic stained glass Greenman using this method.

This is a very portable project that can be easily put away if the need arises, and depending on the size of the picture frame used. You could buy a commercially made picture frame or get a piece of glass the size you want from the local glass shop and frame it yourself, or have it professionally framed when you are finished.


from Judy in Florida

Goddess 2000 Project for making Statues

I make various art usuing many different mediums. Being lucky to live in So. Florida I would like to suggest to anyone wanting to become involved in this project that a simple stroll down the beach (,if you are so lucky to live by one) try collecting shells, pieces, dried soft corals washed up uo the beach, (be careful about some local enviornmental laws as to the collection of certain soft and hard corals, don't want to end up in a jam with the law.) Collect a piece of driftwood plank, bamboo whatever, get some glue , sand , for backround, cover area let dry, hen take assortment of your beach treasures and proceed to lay out and glue in the shape of the goddess , glue them in place, let dry. Then if you want to get fancy and also helps with the preservation of your statue, spray with an inexpensive clear laquear or if concerned about using sprays with a small can of clear varnish and an inexpensive throw away brush give your creation a few coats letting them dry in between coats and there you have a beautiful Goddess 2000 Statue using mostly just what you have found in your enviornment also in my opinion giving tribute to all the beautiful things our wonderful oceans offer us. Actually the same principal can be used using things indigenous to what ever locale you live in thus again paying tribute to whatever it is that our Mother Earth has to offer, ie, ( even city droppings, woodland articles ,leaves, stones, even feathers found in the wild for Her wings, how cool! and the list can go on and on but you get the idea now, so go be creative , be grateful, be happy. Peace, Capt. Judy


Seasonal Household Goddesses
Funny how the Goddess springs from even the winter earth. I guess Deneter was afoot in my neighborhood today. This afternoon I started gathering fallen twigs, a few weathered leaves,some withered blossoms still clinginmg to branches, a couple of small pebbles, and some ivy that needed to come off the walnut tree.

While gathered these ordinary natural treasures, an idea began to form. The idea that each season should be marked by the creation of "Household Goddesses or Gods" I feel that creating and living with them would be very powerful. Each one would become a "Helper in re-membering the sanity and simplicity of the Pagan Heart and Traditions."

I am going to make a Goddess Figure each season from things I find upon the ground, things that "feel" like the season I am experiencing. To these I will add thread, glue, embroidery floss,whatever will help hold them together and bring them to life. A feeling of simple homage, without lots of "GooGa" or fancy objects.

Many of the Goddesses created over the coming seasons will probably be abstract or primitive looking. I am also sure that I will make one of these Household Goddeses each season for the rest of my life. For me, this feels like a path back to long forgotten moments of Pagan reverence. It is also a way to keep the art of Goddess making alive in all of us, and our children. A tradition of reverent participation we are creating to pass along to coming generations.

The more technologiacal we are, the more important it is to remeber the sacredness of the ordinary and the simple. I love Technology, but I also value moments of gathering, roaming, and quiet happy creation.

When making art I always use a candle or 2, because the flicker of the flame is an eternal light whose essence was shared by our ancestors. The shadow play of candle light awakens my spirit and ancient knowings.

Tomorrow night I will be weaving my Goddess together with calm, anticipoation, I can't wait to see who She will be. If you like this idea, I encourage you to create your own Household Goddess or God.
BB Abby Willowroot

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