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"Life Changes" is my small book of InterFaith Prayers and Blessings.  Nondenominational Prayers are an important thing that can be shared with everyone. I hope these prayers will help you to get through tough times and life's challenges.   I am posting many of the Prayers & Blessings here because I want to make them available to everyone for their personal use.  Please enjoy the Prayers and share them with those you care about. Any Prayer may be printed out or posted to a Non-Commercial website, as long as the Copyright Notice is include.  A link to this website would be appreciated. .  Commercial use of the Prayers is strictly prohibited, without a prior licensing contract with me, for their use. 
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My Morning Prayer

Bless this day
keep me safe and whole
kind and compassionate

Bless my path today
Help me to act with wisdom
and live in perpetual gratitude

Bless my human family
who are everywhere & everyone
Bless the creatures and plants 
May all life be blessed on this day


Bless This Food

We bless this food before us,
May we be grateful for our meal,
our family, our home and our blessings,
Bless those who do not have enough to eat,
May they soon eat their fill and be blessed with enough.


May We Be Grateful

We are blessed today, with enough to eat,
May we be grateful.
We are blessed with clothes to wear,
May we be grateful.
We are blessed with shelter from the elements,
May we be grateful.
We are very well blessed today.
May we remember that there are many people
who do not have these blessings.
May we be grateful enough to help others when we can.


Prayer for Today

Bless me this day, with time
Bless me this day, with choices
Bless me this day, with friendship

Bless me this day, with work to do
Bless me this day, with adventures
Bless me this day, with opportunities

Bless me this day, with health & safety
Bless me this day, with faith in the future
Bless me this day, with lessons to be learned

Bless my family and friends today
Bless those who serve & protect us all
Bless all who share this day under the sky


Prayer for Safety

Keep me safe as I move through this day,
may I guard against accidents with awareness,
guard against illness with healthy habits & happy spirit,
use good judgment & common sense in taking risks,
be always aware of my surroundings & other people,
may I always remember to be prepared for changes.
Bless and keep me safe as I move through this day.


 Moving Through the World

Let me be willing to see the big picture in all things,
act in accordance with my best, most ethical self,
and grant the benefit of the doubt to all those I meet.


The Blessing of Food

Set before me, is the blessing of a full belly.
The dream, of all Earth's creatures, since time began.
May my mind be sharpened, my heart grateful, my body nourished,
and my spirit replenished, by the abundance before me.
I am greatly blessed this day, may I appreciate how fortunate I am.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2007


Morning Courage Prayer

There are great challenges that I must face today,
make me ready for the task, strong in resolve.
May I conquer any lingering fears and unsureness,
strong in my conviction, flexible in my attitude,
may true courage fill my heart, mind and spirit.


Night Prayer of Healing

As this day has ended and I prepare to rest,
focus my energies to heal my body while I sleep,
fill my dreams with beautiful images and sounds,
sort the thoughts of my mind into orderly files,
make me ready for tomorrow, ready for
renewed strength to return to my healing body,
peace to return to my mind and spirit,
laughter to return to my lips.


Bless This Day

Bless today with chances to grow,
with friendship and a sense of community,
with work to do and leisure to enjoy,
let me be a positive influence on those I meet,
may I act with integrity and truth in all things,
giving the very best of myself, in all I do,
living in appreciation of the gift today is.
Bless this day.


All Things are Possible

Nothing is beyond possibility, miracles happen.
Acting as if, brings a desired outcome closer.
Work hard and trust the Universe to provide, it works.


An Affirmation of Hope

Hope, fragile, luminous & buoyant, fill me now,
bring your gifts of optimism, faith & positivity,
grow strong within me, today and everyday,
increase my connection with those around me,
balance my moods with a lightness of being,
and touch all those I meet, with blessings.

Hope, fragile, luminous & buoyant, fill me now,
humble and expand my heart, with openness,
making me compassionate, relaxed & kind,
aware of the many blessings I have each day,
making of me a better, more human, person.
Hope is a gift that passes through me, to others.


End of the Week Prayer

Bless me as another week draws to a close,
carrying with it, chances taken &d opportunities missed,
my actions may have been wise, foolish or both,
this is a time that was, a time now passed into history.

Bless me with wisdom as I move forward,
open my mind to value the lessons that came
my way this week, with insight and understanding,
open my spirit with renewed commitment to fairness,
open my heart to compassion for those I have met.
It is with openness that I grow wiser with each week.

Bless all those whose paths I crossed this week,
make my efforts count for something positive and good,
let my pettiness indulged in, be over and forgotten,
renew my spirit and my strength for the week to come.
Bless each precious day of my life here on Earth.


Invocation of Forgiveness

Today, I call on the powers of forgiveness,
the hope that heals & wipes away resentment,
I am ready to forgive & heal old wounds.
I forgive you for the past, making way for friendship &
to forgive all who have hurt me in the past, deliberately
or by accident. I am ready to forgive myself for errors
made & things I have done in the past that I regret.

Healing replaces resentment, peace replaces anger
as forgiveness grows inside me, my heart lightens.
filling me with a sense of wellbeing & acceptance,
I embrace forgiveness, the great healer of hearts.

Abby Abby

Prayer for Understanding

May I come to Understand,
that blessings are everywhere,
that my attitude will effect outcomes,
that challenges are often gifts in disguise.

May I come to Trust
that most things can get better, with time,
that my instincts & gut feelings have value,
that a positive attitude makes things go smoother.

May I come to See
that I have many skills & talents I can use,
that I am a positive influence on many people,
that there are those around me who wish me well.

May I come to Value
that today is a blessing to be enjoyed,
that each person is unique & important,
that each moment of my life has meaning.


Sleep Comes - Night Prayer

Sleep, comes to me with peaceful dreams
my  sleep be blessed, as my body renews itself
my brain, calmly sort and file the day's events
my spirit soars free, renewing my positive attitude
I sleep in preparation for a new day of being
and I am grateful.

by Abby Willowroot  2008


Healing Blessing

Bless this day with healing, bless it with
radiant sun energy, fill each cell of the body,
bringing a flood of healthy energy to all the body,
banishing illness & disease, as healing grows.

May the abundant powers of health flourish within,
each day, may they expand & grow stronger,
bringing the gifts of vitality, strength & wellbeing,
Blessings flow now with ample energy & happiness.


A Prayer for Forgiveness

I forgive myself for my failings,
I am human and have made mistakes,
I have not always been my best self,
sometimes, I have acted with malice,
may I see that my pettiness only hurts me,
unkindness given, will just rot my own soul,
may my spirit heal and may I do better today,
open my heart to share the best of myself.
Bless me, as I strive to make amends.


The Day is Done - Bedtime Prayer

The day is done
it cannot be changed
my actions and my thoughts
reflected my own spirit on this day
of some, I am proud, of some, I am not.
When I wake .  .  . there will be new chances
to think and act with wisdom and compassion
there will be new temptations to be petty, small or selfish.
May I choose wisely and well from waking to day's end
and be a blessing to all I meet. 

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


My Acceptance Prayer

Make me willing to accept what I cannot,
fill my mind with understanding, my heart with trust,
there are some things that I must accept as facts,
difficult though they may be to face now.
May my spirit be open and accepting.


Prayer for Time

May I have the time needed to do what I must,,
ample time to sort, prioritize, and act as needed,
this day may I use the time granted me, well.
May I have the time needed to do what I want,
to share myself with those I love and those I like,
being ever grateful for every second of time.
Bless this day with time well spent.


Moderation Prayer

Bless me with the gift of moderation,
able to see clearly, when enough is enough,
willing to take only what I need, use only what I must,
live on the Earth, in awareness of my actions' impact.
Bless me with a moderate spirit that does not waste.
Bless me with easy acceptance of this way of being.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Dreams Come- Night Prayer

Dreams come as I quietly sleep
my spirit soars both high and deep
visions come in a misty, flowing, cascade
bringing hopes and fears of every shade.

Dreams always come as lessons and gifts to me
filing the night with a vibrant thought tree
a tree with fruits of day to possibly be.

My dreams are a secret place, only for me
their insights and power fill me magically
the best of my dreams, I give the coming day
to make the best and brightest life that I may
my dreams are just waiting, to be lived by me
happy, joyous, powerful and free


Earth's Abundance Prayer

Before me, is proof of Earth's abundance,
before me, is proof that I am most fortunate,
before me, is a meal, many millions can only dream of,
with hunger in their bellies that I am blessed not to feel.

May I savor each bite that nourishes me.
May I never take this ample bounty for granted.
May I use this fuel given to my body, wisely and well,
and never squander my blessed life on petty things.

Before me, is the proof of Earth's abundance,
May I never fail to remember how truly blessed I am.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Sleep - A Bedtime Prayer

I give myself to sleep . . . to replenish my body,
renew and clear my mind, heal and expand my spirit.
I open myself to dreams, and make myself ready for a new day,
for new challenges and new opportunities.
I give myself to sleep . . . clothed in blessings till I wake.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008

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