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"Life Changes" is my small book of InterFaith Prayers and Blessings.  Nondenominational Prayers are an important thing that can be shared with everyone. I hope these prayers will help you to get through tough times and life's challenges.   I am posting many of the Prayers & Blessings here because I want to make them available to everyone for their personal use.  Please enjoy the Prayers and share them with those you care about. Any Prayer may be printed out or posted to a Non-Commercial website, as long as the Copyright Notice is include.  A link to this website would be appreciated. .  Commercial use of the Prayers is strictly prohibited, without a prior licensing contract with me, for their use. 
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Abby Abby

Prayer for Comfort in Loss

Show me the path to comfort, the way to acceptance,
loss has visited my life, and I have been devastated,
my hopes and beliefs have been challenged
sadness waits for me at every turn.

May I see beyond the pain, beyond loss,
moving beyond the sadness that now engulfs me,
I am beginning to heal and accept that the loss is real.

Bless my spirit with hope and understanding,
help me to know that all lives contain sorrow,
accepting that my life is blessed, even in loss.

Comfort comes to me now, as I begin to accept,
time is beginning to heal me, slowly and gently,
a soft smile is preparing to cross my lips.
Bless me now, as I accept, grieve, and heal.


                                 Death and I Dance Affirmation

We dance, the two of us, Death and I,
bound together by the forces of illness and disease,
each moving in our own time, to our own rhythms.
Death wanting me now, I wanting Death to come later,
each with a plan for the future,each with things to do,
we dance together, side stepping, twirling, dipping.

We dance, the two of us, Death and I,
time means different things to each of us, Death and I,
for me it is finite, for my companion Death, it is infinite.
So forgive me, if I disrupt your plans Death, and live,
heal my body, my spirit, my life, and embrace living now,
and bid you welcome later, many years later.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


                                         A Life Has Ended

A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
the memories of times, have come to an end,
their threads wove the fabric of an earlier day.

A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
sunrises and sunsets, bright days and dark nights
circled again and again, and gave context to this life,
moment after moment, their life was lived each day.

A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
lives have been touched by the dear one's journey,
laughter, tears, hopes, fears, a life has come to an end
memories hold their spirit alive, in my own life.

A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
the loss of future moments, that will not be,
grateful for moments shared, that nourished me,
moments lived, in casual belief, they would never end.

A part of me has ended, with the passing of a friend,
be they gone from the earthly plane, their spirit soars,
to renew again, in summerland, heaven or another life,
I know not where, but their love remains with me,
for in this life, we friends, did share.

I miss my friend, but they will always be near, inside
of me, inside you, and all who took time to hear,
the music of this life so dear, a life now silent,
living only in the memory, of those who survive.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Prayer for Her Passing

She was always busy, always working,
her days were long, her spirit strong,
many things always got done, by this one,
if a need was found, there was always the sound
of her bustling, efficient, energy, doing the job.

Her heart was kind, her spirit strong,
each day of her life, found her willing
to dance the dance and walk the walk,
it was a pleasure, when she had the time to talk.

Her favorite things, were the people she knew,
her family, her friends, and me and you,
often she shared a smile and a wink,
she often made you puzzle and think.

Her days were many, but not enough,
saying what she meant, with never a bluff,
acting in kindness, to all she met,
on this heart, may the sun never set.
Her wisdom lives on in those she knew,
Thank You dear woman, I will never forget you.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Invocation of Forgiveness

Today, I call on the powers of forgiveness,
the hope that heals & wipes away resentment,
I am ready to forgive & heal old wounds.
I forgive you for the past, making way for friendship &
to forgive all who have hurt me in the past, deliberately
or by accident. I am ready to forgive myself for errors
made & things I have done in the past that I regret.

Healing replaces resentment, peace replaces anger
as forgiveness grows inside me, my heart lightens.
filling me with a sense of wellbeing & acceptance,
I embrace forgiveness, the great healer of hearts.


Blessing of Time Granted

I am ever grateful for the gift of more time.
I thought my time was over, my days complete,
then a miracle came and my time was exttended.
Choices await my wise use of this precious time,
may I ever be grateful for the time and use it well,
aware that each new day is a gift to be treasured,
each new experience is an unexpected blessing,
may I use them carefully, wisely and well,
using part of my time to love, laugh & feel joy.
I have new chances to expand my awareness,
to grow my spirit in compassion and undrstanding.
Bless this day, this hour, this minute, this moment.
I am ever grateful for the gift of more time.


Your Time Has Passed

Life has flown, care is gone, memories of love, still live on,
moments shared will always be cherished and held close to me,
moments shared between us two, are now remembered only by one,
your time has passed, mine is not yet done.

May I remember to smile, laugh, live, and love the sun,
and relish for two, all the wonderful things I still can do,
you will be with me in each day, a part of my heart, you will always stay. 
your time has passed, leaving behind my gratitude that you lived.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Prayer on The Death of A Child

Bless the spirit of this loving child,
there are not enough words of comfort or solace,
the inconcievable has happened, and cannot be undone.

A precious child has died, long before it was time,
long before life was fully lived, explored or enjoyed,
the loss fills me with confusion, and devastates my spirit,
within me, I struggle to make sense of the senseless,
to understand, what cannot ever be understood.

A child has died, leaving behind precious memories,
an echo of laughter, and remembrance of their smile, 
this child has no pain now, no worry or care, only rest,
until the essence of this magic child begins life again.

I celebrate the joy this small person brought to me,
remembering happiness and laughter shared together,
cherishing each moment, of this child's young life.
In time, much of the pain will pass, leaving only gratitude,
for the blessed gift of sharing this child's journey.
Bless the spirit of this loving child, now at rest.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Blessing of a Parent's Passing

One who was my security in youth, has gone now,
leaving an empty, quiet place within me, that  mourns.
They watched me come into being, dream, live, and grow.
In their memory, was carried, the history of my life,
with rememberance of their earliest dreams and mine,
My parent's life touched many, their own dreams and life
are now past, what is left, is my memory and love for them,
I am grateful for all they were, and for all they did for me.
Bless the passing of my parent with peace.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Remembering a Loved One
Though you no longer reside in physical form
your energy is held safe in our hearts
your journey in this life ended, all care has flown
In your simple presence we found hope
Our lives were made richer by your being
Spun fine was the cloth of your existence
Your words, laughter and wit 
circled around us like a pleasing aroma
sometimes sweet, sometimes pungent
but seldom bitter or acrid
Keen perceptions and compassionate insight
accompanied your thoughts and words
Gently kissing subjects both difficult and sublime
Your humaness honored us who knew you
And was offered freely to all you met
May it abide in our hearts forever. 

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2010

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