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"Life Changes" is my small book of InterFaith Prayers and Blessings.  Nondenominational Prayers are an important thing that can be shared with everyone. I hope these prayers will help you to get through tough times and life's challenges.   I am posting many of the Prayers & Blessings here because I want to make them available to everyone for their personal use.  Please enjoy the Prayers and share them with those you care about. Any Prayer may be printed out or posted to a Non-Commercial website, as long as the Copyright Notice is include.  A link to this website would be appreciated. .  Commercial use of the Prayers is strictly prohibited, without a prior licensing contract with me, for their use. 
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The Prayers & Blessings



 Healing Blessing

Bless this day with healing, bless it with
radiant sun energy, fill each cell of the body,
bringing a flood of healthy energy to all the body,
banishing illness & disease, as healing grows.

May the abundant powers of health flourish within,
each day, may they expand & grow stronger,
bringing the gifts of vitality, strength & wellbeing,
Blessings flow now with ample energy & happiness.


A Healing Prayer for a Child

Heal this child & bring wellness
remove disease & banish germs
strengthen this child's immune system
the gift of health is needed now.
Bless this loving child


Prayer for a Sick Child

Bless this sick child who struggles,
radiant healing energy is needed now,
amplify this child's courage & immunity
bless this child's family with hope.

Bless this sick child who struggles,
each day this child can grow stronger.
May healing move within, banishing illness,
as radiant energy renews the life force.

Bless this sick child who struggles,
health begins to return, even before it can be seen,
May this child grow steadily stronger, Bless this child.


Affirmation for a Sick Child

May this child grow strong and healthy
with each breath, each moment, healing grows,
illness recedes, grows weaker and fades away.

Health is growing stronger and more vibrant now,
new fluids enter each cell, bringing healthy balance,
toxins are carried away & released through sweat.

Breath brings in healing energy, feeding the blood,
healthy blood flows, cleansing itself, renewing itself,
feeding all of this child's body with needed strength,
this child is growing strong, healing is underway.


Prayer for Healing Laughter

Bless me with laughter and an easy smile
May I put away cares more easily, and relax
May I know the great healing powers of laughter
May I see that laughter makes all things better
Laughter moves through the body, healing and repairing,
Soothing, calming and replenishing, body and spirit
Bless me with laughter, now and always.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Blessing of Exercise

I walk and my heart grows strong
each day there is time to work my muscles
each day there is a hunger in my body, to move,
to work, to stretch, to renew, to balance.

Bless this day with the health exercise brings me,
habits change and evolve as I embrace my own strength
to grow, to change, to thrive, to live.


Invocation of Health

I call upon health to fill me now,
in every muscle, every bone, every organ,
in every cell, every molecule of my body,
my body is moving toward healthy balance,
in every thought, every action, every choice,
I am supporting my body, mind & spirit in health,
living today and everyday with active awareness
that health is a radiant, bright gift, to be treasured


                                  Prayer for Healing the Body

My body is under attack, and it is a struggle each day,
my strength is taxed, but I am blessed with a strong spirit.
I am grateful for my progress toward healing and acceptance,
the battle within my body has been long and difficult to fight,
my will is strong and my own life force is growing within me,
my attitude is a very powerful tool for healing and recovery.
Bless my fight with healing energy and balance.

My body is under attack, and it is a struggle each day,
to appreciate each moment and stay positive.
This journey I am on was unexpected, but I accept it,
each day has become a time to value and cherish, even in pain,
those around me care, but this is my own journey,
a journey only I can take, these challenges are mine alone.
Bless my struggle with insight and courage.

My body is under attack, and it is a struggle each day,
my family and friends are sad, they help me as best they can,
this illness I am facing has caused them pain and fear.
May they be comforted, knowing that I am grateful for them,
we all face challenges in life, this struggle is one of mine.
There are others who are walking aa similar path to my own.
Bless all who are affected by this journey.

My body is under attack, and it is a struggle each day,
today, I feel myself accepting the diagnosis with grace,
the prognosis is not set in stone, no matter how many echo it.
My life journey is still being written and recovery is possible,
with each new day, my body works hard to heal itself,
my spirit soars on strong wings of hope and faith in the future.
Bless my body, my spirit, my life, with hope and joy today.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Blessing of Time Granted

I am ever grateful for the gift of more time.
I thought my time was over, my days complete,
then a miracle came and my time was exttended.
Choices await my wise use of this precious time,
may I ever be grateful for the time and use it well,
aware that each new day is a gift to be treasured,
each new experience is an unexpected blessing,
may I use them carefully, wisely and well,
using part of my time to love, laugh & feel joy.
I have new chances to expand my awareness,
to grow my spirit in compassion and undrstanding.
Bless this day, this hour, this minute, this moment.
I am ever grateful for the gift of more time.


An Alzheimers Prayer

Bless me with courage and time.
May I accept the ravages of this disease,
knowing that as time passes, memories will pass too,
may I celebrate each moment of clarity, aware it will fade,
do all I can to stay happy and enjoy this day, today,
being willing to express my feelings to those I love.

May my spirit stay strong, my heart loving,
memory will diminish, may I truly treasure it today,
accepting that life will change, isolating the now,
bringing a time of changes, a time of difficulty,
a time when loved ones will carry my memories.
Bless me on this journey of forgetfulness,
a journey whose destination is peace
Bless me with courage and time.


Prayer for a Loved One with Alzheimers

Bless this day with clarity and remembering.
May confusion be temporary and fear be minimal,
compassion, understanding and strength be with me
make me accepting of the inevitability of memory loss,
cheerful each day,  as I celebrate what remains sharp,
make me patient with things that cannot be helped,
grateful for each lucid moment spent together,
kindness fill my heart and courage fill my spirit,
each day, may I be a comforting blessing.


                                          Recovery Prayer

Today, I heal my body,
my mind, my spirit, my life,
drugs are a part of my past
they are not part of my now . . .
they are not part of my future . . .
today, I am clean and free

Today, I am becoming strong
one second at a time . . .
one thought at a time . . .
one action at a time . . .
I am learning how to live  . . .
and be the best parts of me
today, I am clean and free

 ~ Abby Willowroot 2008

 Abby Abby


Prayer for Release from Addiction

Addiction has siezed my soul

and I am in pain . . . hollow inside

control of myself and my life is gone

but, I pretend  that I am still in control

fear and rage mingle inside me, 

pushing anyone who loves me away

isolating me in my prison of drugs

a prison of regret, shame and grief

I live in the past  . . . and I live in the future

right now is a nightmare . . . and I can't wake up

Release me from my own addiction

open my heart to hope and life 

open my eyes to see I can escape into recovery 

make me dare to be willing . . . to let go of drugs

to let go of fear . . . self hatred  . . .and shame

help me let go of hopelessness

help me let go of people who drag me down

I want to leave people who use drugs behind

help me recognize those who really love me

and cling to them for dear life . . . for my life

help me to know that I can have a different life

a happy life . . . a dope free life . . . with hope

Today I will sleep . . . as much as I need to

today I will eat . . . and nurture my body 

today I will wash my body, and hair

today I will brush my teeth and get dressed

today, I will do one thing , that is  . . ."normal"

I will fight to trust myself . . . to be able to do

these simple things to help myself

and begin my return to sanity 

A different life . . . worth living, is waiting for me

life is . . . waiting for me to put down the drugs

life is . . . waiting for me to believe I can change

life is . . . waiting for me to allow myself to win,

 life is . . . ready to help me to allow myself to smile, to feel hope,

I want this life . . .  I will have to fight like hell to get to

I am willing, I am willing, I am willing to win

I am willing to be strong enough . . . to walk away

I am ready to be strong enough . . . to ask for help

I am ready to put down the drugs . . . that are killing me

I want to be free . . . of drugs and delusions 

Help me to be willing . . . to change

May my courage grow, and my spirit soar

my heart open . . .  my fears grow weaker

I am ready for a life . . . without drugs

I pray . . . help me to help myself today

awaken me . . . from this nightmare hell

Help my heart to know  . . . that hope is possible

and grow that hope within me . . . now !!!

I am ready . . . I am ready . . . I am ready . . .

to heal my body . . . my mind . . . my spirit . . . my life 

drugs are my past . . . they are NOT my future


for today . . . I will not use drugs

today . . . I am becoming whole

today . . . I am becoming my best self

one step at a time . . . one second at a time

one thought at a time . . . one action at a time

I am escaping this loaded nightmare from hell 


Prayer for Self Acceptance

I am fallible, and only human, sometimes I fail,
my best efforts are not always enough
my best intentions and judgment can be wrong
my sincerest beliefs can be flawed
I am fallible and only human.
May I have the courage to accept my limitations
May I have the flexibility and insight to change my mind
May I have the openness to see the truths, in beliefs, that are not my own
I am only human, but I seek to grow in wisdom and understanding
May each new day bring me deeper awareness of others and myself.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Prayer of Abandonment

Bless my life path with soul healing.
Deep within, there is the memory of abandonment,
a deep wound which hurts me still, after all this time,
it has shaken my confidence and impaired my trust.

Bless my life path with real understanding,
a knowing that this abandonment is not my fault,
acceptance that the actions of another, are theirs alone.

Bless my life path with the ability to see
the wounds dealt me are their shortcomings, not mine.
I am a worthy, lovable person who has been injured
through no fault of my own, no error on my part.

Bless my life path with soul healing
each day, each moment, I grow in confidence,
my spirit is learning to soar free, happy and alive,
my pain is disappearing, each day brings new joys.
My life's journey is teaching


An Aging Prayer

Bless me as I move forward through time,
accepting my mind, when it moves at a waltz,
seeing my beauty, is no longer that of youth,
aware of my body, which is changing,
grateful for the wisdom gained.

Bless me with strength, health and vitality,
open me to new lessons and opportunities,
reflecting on the moments of my life,
knowing aging isn't for jelly beans,
celebrating my own longevity.

Bless me as I move forward through time,
remembering, sorting, valuing, celebrating, regretting,
loving, giving, missing, grieving, honoring, journaling,
working, relaxing, dancing, resting, moving, longing,
praising, meditating, singing, reading, writing, walking,
fighting, healing, bitching, accepting, thinking, flowing.

Bless each day of my life, as I become an elder.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


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