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What are Interfaith Prayers?   Interfaith Prayers are Prayers that can be said by anyone of any religious faith, without offering an affront to their specific religous beliefs. They are Prayers that are not directly addressed to any deity or type of deity. For example, the word Lord is not appropriate for an Interfaith Prayer, because it assumes a deity, a male deity, and a supreme being. These are things that are not part of the beliefs of all religions.    

Why are there Interfaith Prayers?   There are Interfaith Prayers because there was a growing need for a way that people of different faiths could come together to offer blessings, thanks, gratitude and to pray for guidance in some matter that affected them all.  Interfaith Prayers cam into being as a mark of respect for our ever more diverse society and all it's members.

Who uses Interfaith Prayers?   People of all religious traditions use Interfaith Prayers, and will use them with increasing frequency in the future. The Pledge of Allegiance, before the words "Under God" ere added in the 1950s, WAS an Interfaith Prayer, spoken daily by millions of Americans. 

What makes a Prayer an Interfaith Prayers?   Any Prayer that does not derive from any relions sacred scripture, religious dogma or use the name or title of a deity or individual, for example; the words God, Goddess, Allah, Lord, Supreme Being, Buddha, Krishna, Heavenly Father,  Divine One, etc, in a Prayer make it a Secterian Prayer, and NOT an Interfaith or Non-denominational Prayter.

 Can anyone use Interfaith Prayers? Yes, anyone can use Interfaith Prayers because the Prayers are not specific to any religion or religious text.

Why are Interfaith Prayers important?   Interfaith Prayers are important because in our ever changing world, there are many occassions when people from all different backgrounds and religious faiths will want to pray together. In times of tragedy or disaster, in times of celebration, and sorrow. Interfaith Prayers are also perfect for use at the beginning of public meetings, sporting events and other gatherings tht bring together people of many religious faiths. Interfaith Prayers give us a way to come together, regardless of our backgrounds, to give thanks and ask for guidance.

Is it against religion to use Interfaith Prayers?   No, Interfaith Prayers are suitable for members of any religion, or no religion.  Interfaith Prayers are written in a way that respects all religions and belief systems, and exclude none.

Can Atheists use Interfaith Prayers?   Yes, Interfaith Prayers are designed so they can be used by anyone to send your energy out into the Universe. Interfaith Prayers do not require a belief in a deity or a divine being to be effective. Like all prayers, they are packets of focused energy, the focus need not be religious.

 Are Interfaith Prayers addressed to God?   Not necessarily, That depends on who is saying the Prayer. If you have a strong belief in a God or Goddess you will probably be praying to them when you say an Interfaith Prayer. In your own personal use, you may choose to add a name (God, Goddess, Allah, Buddha, Lord etc.) that you worship, but Interfaith Prayers should never be altered in print, because to do so would exclude many of the people the Interfaith Prayers were written for.

 Are Christian Non-Denominational Prayer the same as  Interfaith Prayers? No, Christian Non-denominational Prayers assume a Biblical deity. Any Prayer that assumes a Deity of any type is neither Non-denominational or Interfaith.  Non-denominational Christian is actually a confusing and inaccurate term that has been adopted by independant, non-afilliated Christian Churches.   They are not Non-denominational, they a Christian denomination.

Where can I find Interfaith Prayers?   You can visit our Interfaith Prayers webpage, or do a Google search. There are a wide variety of InterFaith Prayers online.   


The way we choose to conduct our lives and show respect to those of different religious beliefs will set the tone for how well we can get along with each other in many different situations.  When you participate in Interfaih Prayers and Interfaith and Non-denominational Services, you are showing your willingness to understand that others have a right to worship as they see fit, and in doing so, you also protect the rights of Freedom of Religion for all of us.

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