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"Life Changes" is my small book of InterFaith Prayers and Blessings.  Nondenominational Prayers are an important thing that can be shared with everyone. I hope these prayers will help you to get through tough times and life's challenges.   I am posting many of the Prayers & Blessings here because I want to make them available to everyone for their personal use.  Please enjoy the Prayers and share them with those you care about. Any Prayer may be printed out or posted to a Non-Commercial website, as long as the Copyright Notice is include.  A link to this website would be appreciated. .  Commercial use of the Prayers is strictly prohibited, without a prior licensing contract with me, for their use. 
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Moving Through the World

Let me be willing to see the big picture in all things,
act in accordance with my best, most ethical self,
and grant the benefit of the doubt to all those I meet.


Make Me Strong in Spirit

Make me strong in spirit
Courageous in action
Gentle of heart

Let me act in wisdom
Conquer my fear and doubt
Discover my own hidden gifts

Meet others with compassion
Be a source of healing energies
And face each day with hope and joy.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2000


Moderation Prayer

Bless me with the gift of moderation,
able to see clearly, when enough is enough,
willing to take only what I need, use only what I must,
live on the Earth, in awareness of my actions' impact.
Bless me with a moderate spirit that does not waste.
Bless me with easy acceptance of this way of being.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


A Simple Prosperity Blessing

May there be food always on your table,
May you be blessed with shelter over your head,
May you have meaningful, steady, employment,
May you have friendship ans love in abundance,
May your days be healthy, prosperous and many


Prayer for Comfort in Loss

Show me the path to comfort, the way to acceptance,
loss has visited my life, and I have been devastated,
my hopes and beliefs have been challenged
sadness waits for me at every turn.

May I see beyond the pain, beyond loss,
moving beyond the sadness that now engulfs me,
I am beginning to heal and accept that the loss is real.

Bless my spirit with hope and understanding,
help me to know that all lives contain sorrow,
accepting that my life is blessed, even in loss.

Comfort comes to me now, as I begin to accept,
time is beginning to heal me, slowly and gently,
a soft smile is preparing to cross my lips.
Bless me now, as I accept, grieve, and heal.


Bless This Food

We bless this food before us,
May we be grateful for our meal,
our family, our home and our blessings,
Bless those who do not have enough to eat,
May they soon eat their fill and be blessed with enough.


The Blessing of Food

Set before me, is the blessing of a full belly.
The dream, of all Earth's creatures, since time began.
May my mind be sharpened, my heart grateful, my body nourished,
and my spirit replenished, by the abundance before me.
I am greatly blessed this day, may I appreciate how fortunate I am.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2007


Invocation of Forgiveness

Today, I call on the powers of forgiveness,
the hope that heals & wipes away resentment,
I am ready to forgive & heal old wounds.
I forgive you for the past, making way for friendship &
to forgive all who have hurt me in the past, deliberately
or by accident. I am ready to forgive myself for errors
made & things I have done in the past that I regret.

Healing replaces resentment, peace replaces anger
as forgiveness grows inside me, my heart lightens.
filling me with a sense of wellbeing & acceptance,
I embrace forgiveness, the great healer of hearts.


Prayer for Laughter

Bless me with laughter and an easy smile
May I put away cares more easily, and relax
May I see that laughter makes all things better
Bless me with laughter, now and always.


Prayer for Understanding

May I come to Understand,
that blessings are everywhere,
that my attitude will effect outcomes,
that challenges are often gifts in disguise.

May I come to Trust
that most things can get better, with time,
that my instincts & gut feelings have value,
that a positive attitude makes things go smoother.

May I come to See
that I have many skills & talents I can use,
that I am a positive influence on many people,
that there are those around me who wish me well.

May I come to Value
that today is a blessing to be enjoyed,
that each person is unique & important,
that each moment of my life has meaning.


Healing Blessing

Bless this day with healing, bless it with
radiant sun energy, fill each cell of the body,
bringing a flood of healthy energy to all the body,
banishing illness & disease, as healing grows.

May the abundant powers of health flourish within,
each day, may they expand & grow stronger,
bringing the gifts of vitality, strength & wellbeing,
Blessings flow now with ample energy & happiness.


Bless This Family

Bless this Family today,
may their labors be rewarded,
fill this home with love & health,
may laughter & joy abide with them,
protect this family from harm always,
bless this family with faith in the future,
friendship, safety and love for each other.


Bless My Children

Bless my children, this and everyday,
with health, security, curiosity, and a playful spirit,
with parents willing to do what is best for each child.
Bless them with good schools and dedicated teachers,
bless them with confidence to expand their spirits,
exploree their talents and a willingness to learn new things,
to face obstacles with determination, and to keep trying.
Bless my children with time to grow, learn and laugh.
Bless my children, today and everyday.


Bless This Day

Bless today with chances to grow,
with friendship and a sense of community,
with work to do and leisure to enjoy,
let me be a positive influence on those I meet,
may I act with integrity and truth in all things,
giving the very best of myself, in all I do,
living in appreciation of the gift today is.
Bless this day.


All Things are Possible

Nothing is beyond possibility, miracles happen.
Acting as if, brings a desired outcome closer.
Work hard and trust the Universe to provide, it works.


A Debtor's Prayer

Make me equal to the task of conquering my Debts.
Bless my spirit with balance as I walk toward solvency,
bring me more opportunities to learn how to use my money
with intelligence, self control and discipline.
Help me to understand that hoping to win the lottery is
not a financial plan, it is a child's wishful dream.
It will take some time to clean up my financial mess,
I accept responsibility for my actions in creating it,
each day my confidence grows as I pay of Debts,
each day, I feel better and my Debt is more managable,
my spirit is healing itself, my stress level is dropping,
laughter is coming more easily, I am facing tough facts,
I am blessed as I take control of my life and finances.
Bless me, as I work to shrink my Debts.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


A Car Blessing

Bless this car, driver, and all who ride in it,
may the wheels run true and engine purr,
in traveling on the roads, may I be ever alert,
moving safely from my start, to my destination.

Bless this car, driver and all who ride in it,
with good common sense and responsible actions,
keeping safe, those within and those outside this car.
May safety and sobriety bless this car always.


An Aging Prayer

Bless me as I move forward through time,
accepting my mind, when it moves at a waltz,
seeing my beauty, is no longer that of youth,
aware of my body, which is changing,
grateful for the wisdom gained.

Bless me with strength, health and vitality,
open me to new lessons and opportunities,
reflecting on the moments of my life,
knowing aging isn't for jelly beans,
celebrating my own longevity.

Bless me as I move forward through time,
remembering, sorting, valuing, celebrating, regretting,
loving, giving, missing, grieving, honoring, journaling,
working, relaxing, dancing, resting, moving, longing,
praising, meditating, singing, reading, writing, walking,
fighting, healing, bitching, accepting, thinking, flowing.

Bless each day of my life, as I become an elder.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


A Prayer for Equality

Bless us all with understanding,
help us to see, that all humans are born equal,
different in talents, circumstances, intellect and beauty,
but equal in humanity, the right to live, the right to be,
the right to live in safety and protect our children,
the right to watch our children grow, strong and free,
the right to prosper, the right to dream and achieve
May we always remember, All humans are born equal.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Bless This New Life

Bless this new life with love,
with health, sustenance and happiness,
with learning, understanding and growth,
with sensitivity, kindness and compassion
Bless this new life, as it joins the human journey,
discovering the world anew, creating the world anew,
the future resides in this child and in all children.

The world that will come after us, is with us here today,
vibrant and alive in this child, the sacred force of life is strong,
and we are blessed to share a part of this child's journey,
May we also be a blessing to this child.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2007



Blessing of Moving

Bless this move with smoothness,
make my heart ready to say goodbye,
make my heart also ready, to say hello.
Bless the moving with order, speed and ease,
open my spirit to accept a new place and new things,
new people, new opportunities, and new challenges.
Bless my heart with acceptance, of things different,
open my mind to understand that change is good.
Bless my move and this new adventure.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Blessing of Exercise

I walk and my heart grows strong
each day there is time to work my muscles
each day there is a hunger in my body, to move,
to work, to stretch, to renew, to balance.

Bless this day with the health exercise brings me,
habits change and evolve as I embrace my own strength
to grow, to change, to thrive, to live.

Abby  Abby

Prayer for Understanding

May I come to Understand
that blessings are everywhere,
that my attitude will effect outcomes,
that challenges are often gifts in disguise.

May I come to Trust
that most things can get better, with time,
that my instincts and gut feelings have value,
that a positive attitude makes things go smoother.

May I come to See
that I have many skills and talents I can use,
that I am a positive influence on many people,
that there are those around me who wish me well.

May I come to Value
that today is a blessing to be enjoyed,
that each person is unique and important,
that each moment of my life has meaning.


A Healing Prayer for a Child

Heal this child & bring wellness
remove disease & banish germs
strengthen this child's immune system
the gift of health is needed now.
Bless this loving child


Prayer for a Sick Child

Bless this sick child who struggles,
radiant healing energy is needed now,
amplify this child's courage & immunity
bless this child's family with hope.

Bless this sick child who struggles,
each day this child can grow stronger.
May healing move within, banishing illness,
as radiant energy renews the life force.

Bless this sick child who struggles,
health begins to return, even before it can be seen,
May this child grow steadily stronger, Bless this child.


Prayer for a Friend

Bless my dear friend today,
this is a difficult time and my friend needs support,
I lend my strength, my love and my blessings,
my dear friend is wise, strong in spirit and heart,
like all of us, sometimes, a little help is needed.
May my dear friend be blessed with what is needed.
Bless my friend today, tomorrow and always.


The Day is Done - Bedtime Prayer

The day is done
it cannot be changed
my actions and my thoughts
reflected my own spirit on this day
of some, I am proud, of some, I am not.
When I wake .  .  . there will be new chances
to think and act with wisdom and compassion
there will be new temptations to be petty, small or selfish.
May I choose wisely and well from waking to day's end
and be a blessing to all I meet. 

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Sleep - A Bedtime Prayer

I give myself to sleep . . . to replenish my body,
renew and clear my mind, heal and expand my spirit.
I open myself to dreams, and make myself ready for a new day,
for new challenges and new opportunities.
I give myself to sleep . . . clothed in blessings till I wake.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


An Adoption Prayer

Bless this Child of my Heart
We are family, you are my child, my life, my joy.
May you be blessed as your hopes and dreams grow.
May I be a good parent, loving, patient, willing and wise.
May you be a secure child, happy, confident and kind.
We share our life, our family grows stronger everyday,
with learning, growing, working, loving, and laughter.
Bless my child, who is life's greatest blessing to me.


A Traveler's Prayer

Bless my travels as I move through the World,
each journey I take is an adventure to be lived,
each new experience expands my awareness,
each person I meet connects me with many others.

May my travels be blessed with safety and peace,
my challenges be manageable and adventures many,
my luggage be safely delivered to my destination,
my belly at peace with all food and drink consumed.

May my travels be blessed with simple directions,
with new friends and with successful business dealings,
may I see, enjoy, and value everything along the way,
may my health be steady, strong and robust as I travel.
Bless me as I move through the World.


We Gather, Prayer to Begin a Meeting

We gather together here today
intent on doing good work.
We seek to represent fairly and well,
those who have given us this task.

May our efforts be blessed with insight,
guided by understanding and wisdom.
We seek to serve with respect for all.
May our personal faiths give us strength
to act honestly and well in all matters before us.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


We Meet to Serve

We meet to serve our community,
to use our resources wisely and well,
to represent all members of our community fairly,
to make decisions that promote the common good.
We recognize our responsibility to the past and the future,
and the rights and needs of both individuals and community.
As trusted servants, we seek blessings on our deliberations,
and on our efforts here today, May we act wisely and well.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Affirmation for a Sick Child

May this child grow strong and healthy
with each breath, each moment, healing grows,
illness recedes, grows weaker and fades away.

Health is growing stronger and more vibrant now,
new fluids enter each cell, bringing healthy balance,
toxins are carried away & released through sweat.

Breath brings in healing energy, feeding the blood,
healthy blood flows, cleansing itself, renewing itself,
feeding all of this child's body with needed strength,
this child is growing strong, healing is underway.


Bless Our Efforts

(Blessing to Begin a Public Meeting)

We seek blessings on the tasks before us.
Bless our efforts with insight,
our deliberations with wisdom,
our work, with clarity and accuracy,
and our decisions with impartiality.


Prayer for Safety

Keep me safe as I move through this day,
may I guard against accidents with awareness,
guard against illness with healthy habits & happy spirit,
use good judgment & common sense in taking risks,
be always aware of my surroundings & other people,
may I always remember to be prepared for changes.
Bless and keep me safe as I move through this day.


Prayer for Acceptance of Change

Change has come unbidden, and at times, unwelcome,
there are many challenges to be faced and overcome,
change can be daunting and scary, but it has come,
ready or not, change is here, and must be accepted.

May I be equal to the task ahead of me,
ready to renew myself, ready to take on the new,
anxious to let go of old ideas that no longer fit,
moving with confidence, into the future, my future.

Make me strong enough to triumph,
flexible enough to grow and change as needed,
optimistic enough to see the new opportunities
as I move into the changing landscape of my life.

I accept and the welcome the change that has come,
I am ready to embrace change and move swiftly forward,
I am ready.


Employment Invocation

I am willing to work, to give my best to what I do,
knowing there will be many unexpected changes
and challenges to be faced in the years to come.
I am ready, I am prepared, and I am will to do
whatever it takes to excel and succeed.

Today, I will do what is necessary, and more,
to find work that will sustain me and bring rewards.
In gratitude, I sharpen my skills, in patience, I learn
to do what is necessary for me to move forwrd now.
Patience and hope help me to walk in confidence,
thru this difficult time in my life, a time that will soon pass,
its challenges are temporary, and I am confident,
I am willing to work, to give my best to what I do.
May work come to me now, I am ready.


A Prayer for Forgiveness

I forgive myself for my failings,
I am human and have made mistakes,
I have not always been my best self,
sometimes, I have acted with malice,
may I see that my pettiness only hurts me,
unkindness given, will just rot my own soul,
may my spirit heal and may I do better today,
open my heart to share the best of myself.
Bless me, as I strive to make amends.


Prayer for Her Passing

She was always busy, always working,
her days were long, her spirit strong,
many things always got done, by this one,
if a need was found, there was always the sound
of her bustling, efficient, energy, doing the job.

Her heart was kind, her spirit strong,
each day of her life, found her willing
to dance the dance and walk the walk,
it was a pleasure, when she had the time to talk.

Her favorite things, were the people she knew,
her family, her friends, and me and you,
often she shared a smile and a wink,
she often made you puzzle and think.

Her days were many, but not enough,
saying what she meant, with never a bluff,
acting in kindness, to all she met,
on this heart, may the sun never set.
Her wisdom lives on in those she knew,
Thank You dear woman, I will never forget you.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Blessing of Fire Fighters

Bless all those who face the fire monster
keep them safe, strong, courageous & true
protect their strength, their breath, their lives,
may their judgment be true, their risks minimal.
Bless the Fire Fighters as they risk their lives to serve
and keep us safe from fire, danger and harm.


Blessing of Police Officers

Keep each Police Officer from harm today,
grant each officer good judgment & wisdom,
acting in proper balance with each situation faced,
fill each heart with courage and understanding,
fill their spirit with strength to do what is right & needed.
Protect each Officer from harm as they serve us.
If they must fire a weapon, make their shot sure & true.
Bless the Police as they protect us and risk their lives
to keep us safe and secure.

Abby            Abby

A Divorce Blessing

We two have parted, our lives are now seperate,
times shared in the past were both good & bad,
our parting is for the best, a new start for us both.
May my spirit wish my X well, my mind forgive,
my heart heal, my understanding expand.
May I let go without malice, pettiness or hate,
we were together in the past, and now we are not.
My life is moving in a new, happier, direction.
Bless my X's new path in life with happiness too.


 Prayer for Today

Bless me this day, with time
Bless me this day, with choices
Bless me this day, with friendship

Bless me this day, with work to do
Bless me this day, with adventures
Bless me this day, with opportunities

Bless me this day, with health & safety
Bless me this day, with faith in the future
Bless me this day, with lessons to be learned

Bless my family and friends today
Bless those who serve & protect us all
Bless all who share this day under the sky


An Affirmation of Hope

Hope, fragile, luminous & buoyant, fill me now,
bring your gifts of optimism, faith & positivity,
grow strong within me, today and everyday,
increase my connection with those around me,
balance my moods with a lightness of being,
and touch all those I meet, with blessings.

Hope, fragile, luminous & buoyant, fill me now,
humble and expand my heart, with openness,
making me compassionate, relaxed & kind,
aware of the many blessings I have each day,
making of me a better, more human, person.
Hope is a gift that passes through me, to others.


Prayer for Shelter

May there always be a roof over my head,
a safe, secure, place to rest and renew myself,
safe streets to walk on, safe food to eat.

Bless my life with a place that I belong,
friends to share the challenges of life,
many chances to work and grow strong.
May there be shelter on my life's journey,
I am grateful for a place to rest.


Child CusToday Prayer

Open my spirit to benefit my child,
may I love my child more than my own ego,
make me aware my words & actions have impact,
may I put away anger & petty grievances,
and not let them become poisonous to my child.

I love my dear child, who has two parents,
in fact, if not in biology, my child is a mingling of two,
my child must honor both of these parts, to be whole,
for both parents live within my child, and always will.

May my child feel at peace with this simple fact,
and grow happily, loving themselves, with my help.
I Bless my child with my love & my most forgiving spirit.


Blessing of Time Granted

I am ever grateful for the gift of more time.
I thought my time was over, my days complete,
then a miracle came and my time was exttended.
Choices await my wise use of this precious time,
may I ever be grateful for the time and use it well,
aware that each new day is a gift to be treasured,
each new experience is an unexpected blessing,
may I use them carefully, wisely and well,
using part of my time to love, laugh & feel joy.
I have new chances to expand my awareness,
to grow my spirit in compassion and undrstanding.
Bless this day, this hour, this minute, this moment.
I am ever grateful for the gift of more time.


A Love Has Ended Prayer

Bless my broken heart with healing.
A love has ended, leaving an emptyness inside,
where once there was a warm, comforting glow,
intimacies shared are no more, flown without trace,
gone as if, they never were at all, leaving sadness.

Bless my bruised trust with healing.
A love has ended, and I am alone once more,
confused by the swiftness of love's departure,
missing the intimacies once shared between us,
may my heart open to trust again, and not shut down.

My loss and this pain will soften in time,
when I am ready, bless me with a new, true, love,
open me to laughter, joy, deep sharing & happiness,
may I put away any lingering resentments & blaming.
Bless my past loves with health and happiness.


Invocation of Health

I call upon health to fill me now,
in every muscle, every bone, every organ,
in every cell, every molecule of my body,
my body is moving toward healthy balance,
in every thought, every action, every choice,
I am supporting my body, mind & spirit in health,
living today and everyday with active awareness
that health is a radiant, bright gift, to be treasured

Abby         Abby

A Divorce Prayer

Our marriage is broken and cannot be repaired,
we have decided to divorce and go our seperate ways,
and now, the task of dividing our home is before us.
May I act in kindness and fairness, not bitterness,
remembering that once, we loved each other,
once, we shared many hopes and dreams.

Our marriage is broken, and parting is best,
there is great sadness and a sense of failure,
a frustration that we could not bridge the divide.
May I know that anger is just a mask for feelings hurt,
bless me with the power to stop blaming and start to heal.

Our marriage is broken,
may we part as friends, not enemies,
carrying with us, only the happiest memories.
May I be grateful for times shared and lessons learned,
wishing each other well, on our own seperate journeys.


Prayer for My Parents

My parents have given this precious life to me,
as I grew up, they did their best to care for me,
my parents sacrificed and saved, working each day,
their lives have been spent meeting my needs,
they are older now, and age brings vulnerability,
if needed, may I be as good and caring to them,
as they were to me, giving and loving, may I be,
willing to share time, memories and thoughts,
may I happily give them love, kindness and care.
Bless my parents, as they blessed me.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Blessings on a BreakUp

Let us part in peace, without animosity,
respecting the times we shared, and the need to part,
grateful for the pleasure we gave each other once,
the lessons learned, good times and adventures shared.
Blaming is a trap that solves nothing and hurts us both,
binding us together in angry, toxic, dysfunction.

The simple facts are these . . .
It's over, we are parting and our time together is done.
May we bless each other in parting, as we move on
to our new, seperate, journeys through life.


A Warrior's Prayer

May I do what is needed, with courage and skill,
be a loyal ally to my fellow soldiers and my country.

Bless me this day and keep me safe from harm,
diminish my fears, grow my courage, heal my spirit.

Bless me as I do my duty today, the best I can,
strengthen me in my mind, body and spirit,
help me to respect my adversary, as a fellow human.

Bless and protect me this day in all I must do.


Bless Those at War

Bless those who must fight, with courage,
bravery & strength, to do what they must do today,
may judgment, fairness & compassion guide them.

Bless those who must fight, with loyalty,
to their country, team mates, officers & their humanity,
keeping strong to their convictions, spirt and faith.

Bless those who must fight, with safety,
bring them out of harm's way, as much as possible
sharpen their powers of perception to see dangers.

Bless those who must fight, with enough time,
to refresh their body and spirit for the next battle,
time to relax a bit and laugh with their buddies

Bless those who must fight, with peace of mind,
to accept the difficulty of their task, with a willing spirit,
a knowing that what they do, is appreciated and valued

Bless those who must fight, with victory
if injury happens, make it as minimal as it can be,
bring each warrior home, as soon and safely as possible,
with our deepest gratitude and respect.


Prayer from a Warrior's Child

Bless this day and the parents I love,
one is serving in the military, far from home,
guarding my safety and the safety of our country,
keep them safe and strong, as they do their duty,
may they know how proud I am of their service,
I love and miss our warrior, who is far away today,
Bless us all, with a happy homecoming.


A Parent's Simple Prayer

May blessings be upon my family
Bless me with the means to provide
blessings of a home and enough to eat.
Bless my family with with safety and security,
blessings of love and health, be with them, always.
Bless my children with a very good education,
blessings of laughter, discipline and peace of mind.
These things, May I bless my family with today.


Prayer of Survival

I am a survivor, a grateful survivor,
this day, the nightmare is behind me, it is over
my spirit is healing and renewing, my mind is clearer,
within my body, the cells are relaxing and I am free.
This day, I am grateful for my victory over fear,
gladdened by challenges met, and peace gained,
all who helped me were a gift, and I am grateful.
Today my world is a brighter, happier place,
the past is increasingly behind me now.


A Simple Prayer of Thanks

 I am grateful for my family and friends,
a job to earn my keep, and the health to do it,
and opportunities and the lessons I've learned.
Let me never lose sight of the simple blessings
that form the fabric and foundation of my life,
I am blessed, yesterday, today and tomorrow.


End of the Week Prayer

Bless me as another week draws to a close,
carrying with it, chances taken & opportunities missed,
my actions may have been wise, foolish or both,
this is a time that was, a time now passed into history.

Bless me with wisdom as I move forward,
open my mind to value the lessons that came
my way this week, with insight and understanding,
open my spirit with renewed commitment to fairness,
open my heart to compassion for those I have met.
It is with openness that I grow wiser with each week.

Bless all those whose paths I crossed this week,
make my efforts count for something positive and good,
let my pettiness indulged in, be over and forgotten,
renew my spirit and my strength for the week to come.
Bless each precious day of my life here on Earth.


A Prayer for the Homeless

Bless the homeless, this day and everyday,
keep them from physical and emotional harm,
fill their hearts with hope for the future and for today,
comfort the homeless as they walk their difficult paths.
May I know that anyone, even me, can be homeless.

Bless the homeless with enough food to sustain them,
with enough warmth to shield them from the elements,
with the power to wrestle personal demons and win,
with the will to go on, and build their lives again.

May hope touch each homeless heart, spirit and life,
let the kindness of others bring lasting benefits,
bring freedom from addiction, illness and misery,
open their humanity to include & embrace themselves.

Bless the homeless with self acceptance and love,
spark their imaginations with belief in the future,
bringing the possibility of a better life,
a safer life and a more secure life.


Prayer for an X

Bless this soul who once shared my journey,
though we have parted, I honor time spent together,
bring to them, all good things to gladden their heart,
bless them with growth, understanding and wisdom.
May they remember me & our time together with fondness,
bless their journey through life, with happiness.


An Alzheimers Prayer

Bless me with courage and time.
May I accept the ravages of this disease,
knowing that as time passes, memories will pass too,
may I celebrate each moment of clarity, aware it will fade,
do all I can to stay happy and enjoy this day, today,
being willing to express my feelings to those I love.

May my spirit stay strong, my heart loving,
memory will diminish, may I truly treasure it today,
accepting that life will change, isolating the now,
bringing a time of changes, a time of difficulty,
a time when loved ones will carry my memories.
Bless me on this journey of forgetfulness,
a journey whose destination is peace
Bless me with courage and time.


Prayer for a Loved One with Alzheimers

Bless this day with clarity and remembering.
May confusion be temporary and fear be minimal,
compassion, understanding and strength be with me
make me accepting of the inevitability of memory loss,
cheerful each day,  as I celebrate what remains sharp,
make me patient with things that cannot be helped,
grateful for each lucid moment spent together,
kindness fill my heart and courage fill my spirit,
each day, may I be a comforting blessing.


Bless Our Universal Humanity

We, the Human Family, are one family,
long ago, we shared the same mother and father,
walked the same hills, drank from the same rivers,
once, we were close, once we faced life together,
adveresity strengthened us, migration shaped us,
we moved apart, forgetting we were brothers & sisters,
divided by distance, our cultures grew, differently.
United by our shared genes, our needs were similar,
our solutions, our customs became different & diverse,
our human family flourished, grew and prospered,
time passed, society evolved and prejudice set in.

Bless Our Universal Humanity,
as the modern world brings us all together, again,
may we remember our commonality, our blood kinship,
we DO have the power to celebrate our differences,
we do not need to war over them,  or poison the Earth,
our commonality can strengthen us now, if we let it.

Bless Our Universal Humanity,
at this time of coming together, a time of evolution,
again, we are becoming aware of our shared fate,
we all influence the Earth, and are influenced by it,
the forces around us demand our coming together,
we must focus on our shared fate, to give us strength.

Bless Our Universal Humanity,
so that our children can grow and interact in peace,
live, prosper and grow strong, as did our ancestors,
we share a smaller world now, and we need each other,
so that we can live in security and peace, most of the time.
We must bless each other, as we bless ourselves.


Prayer on The Death of A Child

Bless the spirit of this loving child,
there are not enough words of comfort or solace,
the inconcievable has happened, and cannot be undone.

A precious child has died, long before it was time,
long before life was fully lived, explored or enjoyed,
the loss fills me with confusion, and devastates my spirit,
within me, I struggle to make sense of the senseless,
to understand, what cannot ever be understood.

A child has died, leaving behind precious memories,
an echo of laughter, and remembrance of their smile, 
this child has no pain now, no worry or care, only rest,
until the essence of this magic child begins life again.

I celebrate the joy this small person brought to me,
remembering happiness and laughter shared together,
cherishing each moment, of this child's young life.
In time, much of the pain will pass, leaving only gratitude,
for the blessed gift of sharing this child's journey.
Bless the spirit of this loving child, now at rest.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


 May We Be Grateful

We are blessed today, with enough to eat,
May we be grateful.
We are blessed with clothes to wear,
May we be grateful.
We are blessed with shelter from the elements,
May we be grateful.
We are very well blessed today.
May we remember that there are many people
who do not have these blessings.
May we be grateful enough to help others when we can.


A Prayer of Thankfulness

For today, I am grateful
For tomorrow, I am hopeful
For my life, I am blessed
I thank my ancestors for their labors and survival
I thank my contemporaries for their companionship
I thank my descendants for carrying me with them

For today  .  .  .  I do my best in all things
For tomorrow . . .  I honor and heal the environment
For my life . . . I work to be a healthy cell in the body of the Universe
I honor the journey of my life with conscious living
and honor the the lives of all I meet and those I will never know.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2007


Relocation Prayer

Homes change, renewing my spirit
Jobs change,presenting opportunity
New friends come, opening new parts of me
True friends last, keeping in touch across miles
Routines change, making room for new choices
New challenges expand my skills and awareness
Moving opens my world to new possibilities
Bless my relocation and Bless me


A Military Family's Prayer

Bless us as we wait, as we move, as we endure,
our service and spirit supports our loved one far away.
War has called them to serve, and us to wait,
in our waiting, we serve too, with strong hearts.

We are the families of those who defend America,
our shared sacrifices are for our country too,
we smile, to keep the spirit of our troops strong,
at home we handle things and hold hope's flame high.

Our families do not complain, we serve,
dedicated to America's freedom and liberty,
we are the keepers of Valley Forge's legacy,
we are the families of America's military.

Bless us, as we bless this country with our lives,
protect our troops and protect our loved ones from harm,
Bless them and bring them home safe.

by Abby Willowroot  2008


Moving Into the Future Prayer

Bless me as I move into the future,
smooth my path and let me see possibility
the past slips away, falling below the horizon,
new vistas loom brightly ahead of me.

Bless the new choices I am making,
I have taken a risk and my spirit is vibrant with joy,
I have forsaken the good, in my quest for the best,
making my life, an adventure of discovery.
Bless my path to tomorrow


Prayer for Common Ground

Today, may I be open to others' ideas and beliefs,
respectful of our differences, not threatened by them.
May I grow in understanding of my own motives,
knowing that people often act out of their own fears.
May I be a force for replacing fear with insight,
helping us all to be patient and kind as we talk.
Strength, real strength, can always find compromise,
working together, may we find a common ground,
enable us to move forward with a shared purpose.
May we see what is truly important and unites us,
focusing on that, to banish road blocks of ego and fear,
today, may I be open to others' ideas and beliefs.


Blessing of a Job

May I have the blessing of a job today,
my skill is strong and I am ready to work,
there is great dignity in work well done,
pride in providing for myself and others.

Bless me with a good job today,
I'm anxious to work and to feel my spirits soar,
my readiness be rewarded and my dreams fulfilled,
Bless me with a job, I am ready to go to work.


Prayer for Release from Addiction

by Abby Willowroot  2008

Addiction has siezed my soul
and I am in pain . . . hollow inside,
control of myself and my life is gone,
but, I pretend  that I am still in control,
fear and rage mingle inside me, 
pushing anyone who loves me away,
isolating me in my prison of drugs,
a prison of regret, shame and grief.
I live in the past  . . . and I live in the future,
right now is a nightmare . . . and I can't wake up.
Release me from my own addiction,
open my heart to hope and life, 
open my eyes to see, I can escape into recovery. 
Make me dare to be willing . . . to let go of drugs,
to let go of fear . . . self hatred  . . .and shame,
help me let go of hopelessness.

Help me let go of people who drag me down,
I want to leave people who use drugs behind.

Help me recognize those who really love me,
and cling to them for dear life . . . for my life,
help me to know that I can have a different life,
a happy life . . . a dope free life . . . with hope.
Today I will sleep . . . as much as I need to,
today I will eat . . . and nurture my body, 
today I will wash my body, and hair,
today I will brush my teeth and get dressed,
today, I will do one thing , that is  . . ."normal",
I will fight to trust myself . . . to be able to do,
these simple things to help myself ,
and begin my return to sanity. 

 A different life . . . worth living, is waiting for me,
life is . . . waiting for me to put down the drugs,
life is . . . waiting for me to believe I can change,
life is . . . waiting for me to allow myself to win,
life is . . . ready to help me allow myself to smile, to feel hope,
I want this life . . .  I will have to fight like hell to get to.
I am willing, I am willing, I am willing to win !!! 
I am willing to be strong enough . . . to walk away,
I am ready to be strong enough . . . to ask for help,
I am ready to put down the drugs . . . that are killing me,
I want to be free . . . of drugs and delusions. 

Help me to be willing . . . to change,
May my courage grow, and my spirit soar,
my heart open . . .  my fears grow weaker,
I am ready for a life . . . without drugs,
I pray . . . help me, to help myself today,
awaken me . . . from this nightmare hell,
Help my heart to know  . . . that hope is possible,
and grow that hope within me . . . now !!!

I am ready . . . I am ready . . . I am ready . . .
to heal my body . . . my mind . . . my spirit . . . my life, 
drugs are my past . . . they are NOT my future !!!

for today . . . I will not use drugs,
today . . . I am becoming whole,
today . . . I am becoming my best self,
one step at a time . . . one second at a time,
one thought at a time . . . one action at a time,
I am escaping this loaded nightmare from hell. 

Oblivion is not my friend.


My Morning Prayer

Bless this day
keep me safe and whole
kind and compassionate

Bless my path today
Help me to act with wisdom
and live in perpetual gratitude

Bless my human family
who are everywhere & everyone
Bless the creatures and plants 
May all life be blessed on this day


Prayer in Time of Strife

I pray, not for answers, but for willingness.
Answers come in their own time.
My willingness to be flexible heals me,
it diminishes pain and makes all things better.
Each moment that passes becomes gentler,
as my spirit becomes softer and kinder.

May tough times bring out the best in me,
when my anger diminishes, my insight increases.
Blessings are all around me, even in this time,
even amidst my worries, let me see hope, and
feel in my bone, that things get better,
knowing that, it may take some time.


Morning Courage Prayer

There are great challenges that I must face today,
make me ready for the task, strong in resolve.
May I conquer any lingering fears and unsureness,
strong in my conviction, flexible in my attitude,
may true courage fill my heart, mind and spirit.


Sleep Comes - Night Prayer

Sleep, comes to me with peaceful dreams,
my  sleep be blessed, as my body renews itself
my brain, calmly sort and file the day's events
my spirit soars free, renewing my positive attitude
I sleep in preparation for a new day of being
and I am grateful.

by Abby Willowroot  2008


Night Prayer of Healing

As this day has ended and I prepare to rest,
focus my energies to heal my body while I sleep,
fill my dreams with beautiful images and sounds,
sort the thoughts of my mind into orderly files,
make me ready for tomorrow, ready for
renewed strength to return to my healing body,
peace to return to my mind and spirit,
laughter to return to my lips.


Prayer for Time

May I have the time needed to do what I must,
ample time to sort, prioritize, and act as needed,
this day may I use the time granted me, well.
May I have the time needed to do what I want,
to share myself with those I love and those I like,
being ever grateful for every second of time.
Bless this day with time well spent.


Blessing on a New Relationship

Bless this new relationship with happiness,
bringing us together in honesty and truth,
giving each other the space to grow, to change,
let kindness guide our actions and the words we speak,
bring us closer together, with shared ideals and values.
May our hearts grow more loving with each new day.

Bless this new relationship with purpose,
may our shared love be a goodness in the world,
bringing us opportunities to touch the lives of others,
spreading the happiness that is in our hearts,
we come together with passion, love and joyous spirits.
Bless this new relationship with the power to last,
flourish, grow strong and change.


Prayer for Understanding Others

Make me willing and able to understand
the many complex differences in people,
differences forged in the fires of our experiences,
beliefs born of culture, faith, education and circumstance.

Make me willing and able to understand
that our hearts hunger for similar things,
that our hopes and fears mirror our life experiences,
possibilities sought after, with our strength and resolve.

Make me willing and able to understand that
each of us have dreams, hopes and aspirations,
to know we each value our families, friends and our lives,
we are more alike, than we are different from each other.

Make me willing and able to understand that
hopes for our children, our dreams, vision, home,
friends, family, work, honor, laughter, and song unite us,
knowing it is only our fears and prejudices that separate us.

May my understanding grow today and be a blessing,
making me closer to everyone I meet, everyone I see.
I value differences forged in the fires of our experience.
Dancing my dance of life, I am growing in understanding,
as I honor and celebratethe diverse life dances of others.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Death and I Dance Affirmation

We dance, the two of us, Death and I,
bound together by the forces of illness and disease,
each moving in our own time, to our own rhythms.
Death wanting me now, I wanting Death to come later,
each with a plan for the future,each with things to do,
we dance together, side stepping, twirling, dipping.

We dance, the two of us, Death and I,
time means different things to each of us, Death and I,
for me it is finite, for my companion Death, it is infinite.
So forgive me, if I disrupt your plans Death, and live,
heal my body, my spirit, my life, and embrace living now,
and bid you welcome later, many years later.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Prayer for Healing the Body

My body is under attack, and it is a struggle each day,
my strength is taxed, but I am blessed with a strong spirit.
I am grateful for my progress toward healing and acceptance,
the battle within my body has been long and difficult to fight,
my will is strong and my own life force is growing within me,
my attitude is a very powerful tool for healing and recovery.
Bless my fight with healing energy and balance.

My body is under attack, and it is a struggle each day,
to appreciate each moment and stay positive.
This journey I am on was unexpected, but I accept it,
each day has become a time to value and cherish, even in pain,
those around me care, but this is my own journey,
a journey only I can take, these challenges are mine alone.
Bless my struggle with insight and courage.

My body is under attack, and it is a struggle each day,
my family and friends are sad, they help me as best they can,
this illness I am facing has caused them pain and fear.
May they be comforted, knowing that I am grateful for them,
we all face challenges in life, this struggle is one of mine.
There are others who are walking aa similar path to my own.
Bless all who are affected by this journey.

My body is under attack, and it is a struggle each day,
today, I feel myself accepting the diagnosis with grace,
the prognosis is not set in stone, no matter how many echo it.
My life journey is still being written and recovery is possible,
with each new day, my body works hard to heal itself,
my spirit soars on strong wings of hope and faith in the future.
Bless my body, my spirit, my life, with hope and joy today.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009

Prayer of Abandonment

Bless my life path with soul healing.
Deep within, there is the memory of abandonment,
a deep wound which hurts me still, after all this time,
it has shaken my confidence and impaired my trust.

Bless my life path with real understanding,
a knowing that this abandonment is not my fault,
acceptance that the actions of another, are theirs alone.

Bless my life path with the ability to see
the wounds dealt me are their shortcomings, not mine.
I am a worthy, lovable person who has been injured
through no fault of my own, no error on my part.

Bless my life path with soul healing
each day, each moment, I grow in confidence,
my spirit is learning to soar free, happy and alive,
my pain is disappearing, each day brings new joys.
My life's journey is teaching me that I am lovable.


Affirmation of Otherness

We love who we love, and that is good,
we all see ourselves in the mirror, differently,
we see our inner nature that is invisible to others,
we come in many hues of the spectrum, many paths,
in our lives, we each of us, walk on multiple paths.
Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirited, Asexual,
Black, Hispanic, Asian, Semitic, White, Indigenous, Disabled,
Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Bahai,
Pagan, Mormon,Taoist, Humanist, Atheist, Agnostic, Quaker,
simple words we use to describe aspects of ourselves,
just illusions of "otherness" that often seperstes us.
As people, our true differences are in our ethics
our compassion for others, our fairness, our loyalty
in our dealings with each other, as we live our lives.
May we come to respect each person we meet,
judging not by their self identity, but by their character.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009
Abby Abby Abby

Bless the Children

Bless the children of Earth
may they have the blessings of food and health
may their homes be peaceful, their world safe
may we adults, work to make these blessings real
by our actions, attention, and giving, we make it so.

Bless the children of the earth
with the abundance of a happy, secure life
may they have a life with education and opportunity
each child deserves no less, each child is precious
they are the future, the living legacy of our ancestors.
Bless the Children of the Earth.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009

My Acceptance Prayer

Make me willing to accept what I cannot,
fill my mind with understanding, my heart with trust,
there are some things that I must accept as facts,
difficult though they may be to face now.
May my spirit be open and accepting.


Invocation of Balance

Balance brings comfort, power and sanity,
in all things there is a kind of sacred balance,
a place between tipping points, a place of equality,
balance is the state of all possibilities, all truths.

May I find balance in my life and in all things,
finding the wisdom to balance my beliefs,
the discipline to balance my physical being,
the courage to balance my actions with thought,
the curiosity to balance my opinions with facts,
the judgment to balance my work with rest.

Bless all I see and all I do, with balance,
making of me, and impartial and just person,
fair of heart and expansive of spirit.
Bless me this day with sacred balance.


A Life Has Ended

A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
the memories of times, have come to an end,
their threads wove the fabric of an earlier day.

A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
sunrises and sunsets, bright days and dark nights
circled again and again, and gave context to this life,
moment after moment, their life was lived each day.

A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
lives have been touched by the dear one's journey,
laughter, tears, hopes, fears, a life has come to an end
memories hold their spirit alive, in my own life.

A life has ended, with the passing of a friend,
the loss of future moments, that will not be,
grateful for moments shared, that nourished me,
moments lived, in casual belief, they would never end.

A part of me has ended, with the passing of a friend,
be they gone from the earthly plane, their spirit soars,
to renew again, in summerland, heaven or another life,
I know not where, but their love remains with me,
for in this life, we friends, did share.

I miss my friend, but they will always be near, inside
of me, inside you, and all who took time to hear,
the music of this life so dear, a life now silent,
living only in the memory, of those who survive.


Blessing for Our Home

May our home be blessed with laughter and peace
May health and vitality inhabit all who dwell here
May our table be blessed with food and conversation
May there be peaceful evenings and restful sleep
May we know our home is not a roof, or a place,
Our home is family, friendship and faith in the future,
Bless our home this day, everyday, forever.


May Kindness Grow

May kindness grow within me,
bringing deeper awareness of life's facets,
touching all who I meet, with a good feeling,
brightening the day of others, in my wake.

May each action I take, be rooted in kindness,
in everything, there is a kind and unkind way
to move forward, to resolve a situation, to be.
May the depth of my kindness increase, daily.


A Blessing of America

May America use her blessings wisely and well
May we not squander her abundance on frivolity
May our strength be always on the side of justice
May our leaders be strong enough to seek peace
May the great, strong hearts of our people be open
May our labors be of benefit to America and the World
May our legacy be one of enduring equality and liberty
May all who seek citizenship be ever welcomed here
May our government act with soundness of judgment
May Americans be worthy of the hope, put in our hands.

Bless America this day and everyday, with greatness.
We, each of us, are the guardians of America's fate.
We the people, are the greatest strength of America.
I Bless America this day, and celebrate freedom.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009

AbbyAbby Abby

Prayer for Healing Laughter

Bless me with laughter and an easy smile
May I put away cares more easily, and relax
May I know the great healing powers of laughter
May I see that laughter makes all things better
Laughter moves through the body, healing and repairing,
Soothing, calming and replenishing, body and spirit
Bless me with laughter, now and always.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Bless My Neighbors

Bless my neighbors, both near and far away,
keep them safe as they live each day,
in mind and body, may they be well and at peace,
keep them, and their children healthy and whole,
be there meaningful work for them to do each day,
with rest and replenishment when the day is done.
Bless my neighbors, both near and far away.
Bless them and their families everyday.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


A House Blessing

May this House be blessed by the Elements
May East's Air bring inspiration and communication
May South's Fire bring warmth and playful spirit
May West's Water bring easy flow and healing energy
May North's Earth bring calm, grounding and security

May the strong powers of the Elements
fill this home with happiness
Bless all who enter here

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Prayer for Moving Forward

May my path be a goodness in the world.
One foot in front of the other, I move forward.
One decision at a time, my life changes and reforms.
One day, gives way to night, and then a new day.
their is great power in One.

One person can speak for many.
One voice of truth, can change the future.
One action, taken with conviction, can change reality.
I am One, who is moving forward.

May my path be blessed, as I walk into the future.
May my footsteps be of benefit to others.
I am One, May my journey be joyous.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Blessing of a Parent's Passing

One who was my security in youth, has gone now,
leaving an empty, quiet place within me, that  mourns.
They watched me come into being, dream, live, and grow.
In their memory, was carried, the history of my life,
with rememberance of their earliest dreams and mine,
My parent's life touched many, their own dreams and life
are now past, what is left, is my memory and love for them,
I am grateful for all they were, and for all they did for me.
Bless the passing of my parent with peace.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2007


Prayer for My Enemies

May my heart be open to the possibility that
even my enemies can become changed for the better,
with time, old antagonisms may diminish and soften,
differences may become less strident, less divisive.

May I understand that progress and change comes
often, when least expected, least sought after.
May my enemies become allies and even friends.
Bless my enemies, as I bless my friends.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Affirmation of Community

Daily, we live side by side, sharing our community,
we take each other for granted, living our lives,
going through our days, seldom thinking of community,
seldom stopping to think of the needs of our neighbors,
caught up, in living and providing for ourselves and family.

Community is just there, and we take it for granted,
until disaster strikes,hardship comes, or weather rages,
then, we suddenly, and desperately, need our community,
we need it to help us survive, keep hope alive, to live.

It is community that provides the essential safety net,
protecting each of us in the face of loss and tragedy, it,
our community that brings out the neighbor in us all.

Today, I will do something to build my own community,
making it stronger for all my neighbors and myself.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Prayer for Compassion

Open my heart, expand my spirit, clear my mind,
make a wide place for compassion, within me,
that it may may grow and flourish, as I nurture it,
seeing that each of us walks life's path as best we can,
balancing my desires with my needs and others' needs.

Compassion shown, is a bright gift to all around me,
blessing everyone, but especially blessing myself,
it lifts me above mean spiritedness and petty spite,
expands my understanding of others' challenges,
drawing me ever closer to my own divine nature,
comforting those in need, with shared humanity.

Bless my dealings with others each day,
bring my most compassionate self forward, at all times,
flowing freely into the world, which is in need of it,
may compassion grow within me, today and always,
Blessing each day with my humanity.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Invocation of the Greater Good

We are all connected in this life,
when my neighbors do well, it benefits me,
when my neighbors suffer, it diminishes me.
the invisible threads that connect us, are strong.
Bless us all with what we need to sustain us.

All things that happen, send out ripples,
tiny waves of energy that change everything.
Forces for good or ill are constantly swirling,
moving us toward greater good or greater loss,
all of us, are touched by the ripples.

May I be a positive force for the greater good,
sending out beneficial ripples, ripple after ripple,
help me to move the world in a better direction,
a fairer, kinder, more just, healing direction.
May my life's actions build beacons of hope.

We are all connected in this life,
in our thoughts, our actions, our beliefs,
there are always consequences for good or ill.
May I cause ripples of goodness in the World.
Bless the threads that bind us all together.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Bless This Venture

Bless this new undertaking
with winning vision, careful planning,
good timing, buzz, accurate accounting, and care,
clear direction, positive cash flow, good publicity,
many good clients to help us grow and flourish,
Bless this new venture with success.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Prayer for Self Acceptance

I am fallible, and only human, sometimes I fail,
my best efforts are not always enough
my best intentions and judgment can be wrong
my sincerest beliefs can be flawed
I am fallible and only human.
May I have the courage to accept my limitations
May I have the flexibility and insight to change my mind
May I have the openness to see the truths, in beliefs, that are not my own
I am only human, but I seek to grow in wisdom and understanding
May each new day bring me deeper awareness of others and myself.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Earth's Abundance Prayer

Before me, is proof of Earth's abundance,
before me, is proof that I am most fortunate,
before me, is a meal, many millions can only dream of,
with hunger in their bellies that I am blessed not to feel.

May I savor each bite that nourishes me.
May I never take this ample bounty for granted.
May I use this fuel given to my body, wisely and well,
and never squander my blessed life on petty things.

Before me, is the proof of Earth's abundance,
May I never fail to remember how truly blessed I am.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Dreams Come- Night Prayer

Dreams come as I quietly sleep
my spirit soars both high and deep
visions come in a misty, flowing, cascade
bringing hopes and fears of every shade.

Dreams always come as lessons and gifts to me
filing the night with a vibrant thought tree
a tree with fruits of day to possibly be.

My dreams are a secret place, only for me
their insights and power fill me magically,
the best of my dreams, I give the coming day
to make the best and brightest life that I may
my dreams are just waiting, to be lived by me
happy, joyous, powerful and free


Your Time Has Passed

Life has flown, care is gone, memories of love, still live on,
moments shared will always be cherished and held close to me,
moments shared between us two, are now remembered only by one,
your time has passed, mine is not yet done.

May I remember to smile, laugh, live, and love the sun,
and relish for two, all the wonderful things I still can do,
you will be with me in each day, a part of my heart, you will always stay. 
your time has passed, leaving behind my gratitude that you lived.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


Facing Change Affirmation

I am equal to the changes I am facing,
my skills are strong, and growing stronger,
each day, change comes, pushing me to learn,
my mind expands and grows, my spirit is strong,
my future is bright, setbacks are only temporary,
and I am growing more confident, with each day.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2008


Affirmation for Acceptance of Circumstances 

Loss can lead to fear, parlyzing fear, this is normal,
when the fabric of your life has been torn, fear can be engulfing,
it is easy to become overwhelmed, and confused,
these feelings are normal, and understandable at times like these,

 but they can't be indulged in for long, or you will become paralyzed,
facts are facts, and denying them solves nothing, improves nothing,
embracing the truth of the situation, allows things to get better,
to change, and improve, it allows me to claim my power to act.

Know that things can get better, obstacles can be overcome,
and happiness can return, even in the face of great loss,
letting go of what was, helps me to make the best of what is left,
denial does not serve me, it only hampers me in my efforts.

I accept what has happened, honestly and resolutely,
and begin my climb back to security and stability, one step at a time.
May I be blessed on my journey of recovery from loss.  

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2010


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