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"Life Changes" is my small book of InterFaith Prayers and Blessings.  Nondenominational Prayers are an important thing that can be shared with everyone. I hope these prayers will help you to get through tough times and life's challenges.   I am posting many of the Prayers & Blessings here because I want to make them available to everyone for their personal use.  Please enjoy the Prayers and share them with those you care about. Any Prayer may be printed out or posted to a Non-Commercial website, as long as the Copyright Notice is include.  A link to this website would be appreciated. .  Commercial use of the Prayers is strictly prohibited, without a prior licensing contract with me, for their use. 
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The Prayers & Blessings


Prayer for Safety

Keep me safe as I move through this day,
may I guard against accidents with awareness,
guard against illness with healthy habits & happy spirit,
use good judgment & common sense in taking risks,
be always aware of my surroundings & other people,
may I always remember to be prepared for changes.
Bless and keep me safe as I move through this day.


Blessing of Fire Fighters

Bless all those who face the fire monster
keep them safe, strong, courageous & true
protect their strength, their breath, their lives,
may their judgment be true, their risks minimal.
Bless the Fire Fighters as they risk their lives to serve
and keep us safe from fire, danger and harm.


Blessing of Police Officers

Keep each Police Officer from harm today,
grant each officer good judgment & wisdom,
acting in proper balance with each situation faced,
fill each heart with courage and understanding,
fill their spirit with strength to do what is right & needed.
Protect each Officer from harm as they serve us.
If they must fire a weapon, make their shot sure & true.
Bless the Police as they protect us and risk their lives
to keep us safe and secure.


A Warrior's Prayer

May I do what is needed, with courage and skill,
be a loyal ally to my fellow soldiers and my country.

Bless me this day and keep me safe from harm,
diminish my fears, grow my courage, heal my spirit.

Bless me as I do my duty today, the best I can,
strengthen me in my mind, body and spirit,
help me to respect my adversary, as a fellow human.

Bless and protect me this day in all I must do.


Bless Those at War

Bless those who must fight, with courage,
bravery & strength, to do what they must do today,
may judgment, fairness & compassion guide them.

Bless those who must fight, with loyalty,
to their country, team mates, officers & their humanity,
keeping strong to their convictions, spirt and faith.

Bless those who must fight, with safety,
bring them out of harm's way, as much as possible
sharpen their powers of perception to see dangers.

Bless those who must fight, with enough time,
to refresh their body and spirit for the next battle,
time to relax a bit and laugh with their buddies

Bless those who must fight, with peace of mind,
to accept the difficulty of their task, with a willing spirit,
a knowing that what they do, is appreciated and valued

Bless those who must fight, with victory
if injury happens, make it as minimal as it can be,
bring each warrior home, as soon and safely as possible,
with our deepest gratitude and respect.


Prayer from a Warrior's Child

Bless this day and the parents I love,
one is serving in the military, far from home,
guarding my safety and the safety of our country,
keep them safe and strong, as they do their duty,
may they know how proud I am of their service,
I love and miss our warrior, who is far away today,
Bless us all, with a happy homecoming.


A Military Family's Prayer

Bless us as we wait, as we move, as we endure,
our service and spirit supports our loved one far away.
War has called them to serve, and us to wait,
in our waiting, we serve too, with strong hearts.

We are the families of those who defend America,
our shared sacrifices are for our country too,
we smile, to keep the spirit of our troops strong,
at home we handle things and hold hope's flame high.

Our families do not complain, we serve,
dedicated to America's freedom and liberty,
we are the keepers of Valley Forge's legacy,
we are the families of America's military.

Bless us, as we bless this country with our lives,
protect our troops and protect our loved ones from harm,
Bless them and bring them home safe.

Abby Willowroot  2008


Moving Through the World

Let me be willing to see the big picture in all things,
act in accordance with my best, most ethical self,
and grant the benefit of the doubt to all those I meet.


A Blessing of America

May America use her blessings wisely and well
May we not squander her abundance on frivolity
May our strength be always on the side of justice
May our leaders be strong enough to seek peace
May the great, strong hearts of our people be open
May our labors be of benefit to America and the World
May ouir legacy be one of enduring equality and liberty
May all who seek citizenship be ever welcomed here
May our government act with soundness of judgment
May Americans be worthy of the hope, put in our hands.

Bless America this day and everyday, with greatness.
We, each of us, are the guardians of America's fate.
We the people, are the greatest strength of America.
I Bless America this day, and celebrate freedom.

Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


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