Remebering Sanity - Reclaiming Ourselves

Remembering Sanity

Reclaiming Ourselves


Opening ourselves to the miracles of life around us makes the world a better place for all of life.
Awareness of Nature's cycles and the habitats of her creatures makes us less likely to abuse the world around us.

I am alive

I can make changes

Life has given me many options

My choices will define my world

My good choices make it better

I can . . . and will, live consciously

I am alive, with possibilities

 and . . . I am grateful

     Life is fast today, and it often speeds past us before we can ever catch our breath. Multi-tasking, going in a dozen directions at the same time, we often feel like giraffe on a tightrope far above ground, carrying moody cats.  Aaarrrggghhhh!!! Sometimes you just want to scream . . . or just STOP! 

     If this seems familiar to you, you may need to take a moment to remember sanity and to reclaim yourself, and your life.  Often, we make bad choices in what we do, what we eat, what we say, and what we focus on, because we are simply overhelmed,  and over-stressed.  Important things get pushed to edges of our consciouness because of all the daily clutter that fills our lives, and overwhelms us.

     One of the greatest dangers we humans face, and pose to the world around us, is barely is noticed in our daily lives, because we are too distracted.  The danger I speak of is not poverty or disease, though they certainly are serious dangers for the entire world.  The danger is not even greed or war, it is overdistraction, thoughlessness and indifference. Three things that take over our lives when we get too detached from Nature and the natural human rhythms of life.  

     The more out of touch we are with Nature, the more out of touch we are with ourselves, our families and our friends. All creatures, including humans, have an ancient bond with the natural world and its rhythms. When we forget that bond and stray too far from our ancestral roots, we begin to forget what is important, what makes our lives worth living, and what makes us happy and secure.  

      Awareness grows quickly when we abandon guilt and become willing to be better citizens of the Earth Mother's community of creatures.  All of us have been careless and thoughtless in our actions at one time or another, that's just life.  What we do today and tomorrow is what is important now, not what we did in the past. Being human, we can and often do change where our priorities are and what is important to us.

      Finding new ways of being good and responsible inhabitants of the Earth is a journey that many of us are taking. It isn't about going to a rally to "Save the Rainforest", or buying a U2 or Sting CD.  It is about caring enough to dispose of dangerous chemical, cleaners and paints properly.  It is about  taking our old computer, monitors, keyboards and other electronics to an E-waste recycler, instead of putting it in the trash.  It is really about how we live everyday, using water, electricity and other resouces wisely, not wastefully. It is limiting how often we burn a fireplace, or use an outdoor barbeque that release polluting smoke into the environment.  It is about paying attention, not being lazy, and just plain giving a damn.

It is walking gently on the Earth with care and respect, everyday.

Walking with care, means noticing when someone needs your assistance. Noticing when someone is lost or sick. 

      If you see an elderly person, or a child, or anyone who looks confused or scared, ask if you can help them. Make an effort to connect with those around you, make a comment about the weather when you are standing in a line, reach out and connect with other humans.  Build community wherever you are.

     Dare to be a person, and acknowledge that you share your environment with those around you. It may seem like a small thing, but theses simple acts change how the world is, for you, and for those you greet with humanity and kindness. Community happens when people act like neighbors, not like they are isolated strangers. We are all connected, we all breathe the same air, we all drink from the same water supply, we are all touched by the same forces of nature. We all need each other, even if we have forgotten how much. 

A simple act of kindness alters the fabric of reality

      You, have enormous power to influence a amazing number of people today and everyday, use it wisely. Many people are living in isolation, amidst the crowd. It would probably shock you to realize how many people go for days, or even weeks without anyone really speaking to them, without anyone touching their hand, or smiling directly at them, or simply asking them, "How are you today?"

      A simple smile and a friendly comment like "wow, this weather is really something, we needed the rain", can brighten someone's day more than you will ever know. We all need to know we are not invisible, that we are part of the world and that other people recognize us and respect us as people.

      Lonelyness and dis-connection is America's most dangerous, invisible, epidemic today. You are the cure, as are we all, if we just care enough to take the time to simply be human, to simply be a goodness in the world. It is wonderful to know that we all have the power to keep someone from being invisible.

       With the tough financial times we are living in, many people are living lives of quiet desperation. Many feel powerless and hopeless.  There are no easy answers, but this ios a time when our simple kindness has enormous power.  Never assume that the person before is not in pain, because often, they will be. Treat everyone you meet and come into contact with gently.

      Never assume that everyone has a job, they do not. Never assume that going to a movie or going out to dinner is something that the person you are talking to can afford, many cannot, Simply not taking these things for granted will keep you from causing unnecessary pain or embarassment with  an offhand comment.   

You have the power to change the world, today 

      In Native American culture there is a tradition of asking a simple question before making a decision, the question is "Does it grow corn?" meaning, is this a prodiuctive decision, a good decision, will it benefit us.  Above is a Native American Huichol Indian Corn Mother to remind you to ask yourself "Does it grow corn?"  before making your decisions.

    Today, consider opening yourself to the possibility of living in a more conscious way.  Consider being someone who really is making a differnce in the world in lots of ways, both large and small. And always take a moment to be kind to those around you, if you do, your life will be happier and richer. You will be a person whose choices and decisions . .  . grow corn.     



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