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Secular Paganism is something that is growing rapidly these days, but nobody talks about it, and many people don't even know there is a name for their beliefs.  This page will answer some of the questions you may have about Secular Paganism.

What is Secular Paganism? Secular Paganism is a simple philosophy and set of  principles shared by a diverse and eclectic group of individuals around the world. Secular Paganism is a natural outgrowth of many peoples' personal ethics and core beliefs about life.. 

Is Secular Paganism a Religion?  No, Secular Paganism is not a religion, it is an ethical view of the world, based on the belief that Nature is sacred and must be respected and treasured. Secular Pagans hold many of the same views about Nature that religous Pagans and many people of other religions do.  Secular Pagans believe that we are a part of Nature, not her master. There are no particular religious views connected with Secular Paganism.  

Is Secular Paganism Organized?  No, it is a philosophy that grew orgnically out of the connections that many people had with the world around them and how they thought and felt about their place in the world. There is no organization or group designating these beliefs, but there are some commonly held Guiding Principles.  

Why are people Secular Pagans?  There are many different reasons why people are Secular Pagans. Many are people who have a strong belief that Nature is sacred .  Many are people who have a deep and abiding love for the natural world and the environment. Many are people believe that all things in Nature have a spirit of soul that is unque to them. Many are people who do not believe in a Deity, and do not want to join a religion. Many are people whose ethical code is built on their respect for Earth and the environment. Many are scientists who have come to the belief through their research.  These are just a few of the reasons why some people are Secular Pagans.

Who are Secular Pagans?  Average and extraordinary people, they are anyone, your friends, and neighbors. some are environmentalists, some are farmers, some are tech workers, some are waitresses, some are academics, some are retail workers, some are scientists, some are students, some are artists some are performers, some are teachers, some are laborers, some are writers, some are teenagers, some are children, some are westerners, some are easteners, Secular Pagans live in many countries around the world. 

Can Secular Pagans be Atheists?  Yes, many Secular Pagans are Atheists or Agnostics.  Many Secular Pagans are members of organized religions, in addition to being Secular Pagans.  For these people, they see no conflict in practicing a religion and being a Secular Pagan at the same time.

Are there any Rituals for Secular Pagans?  Yes, for many Secular Pagan, recycling is a ritual that they are committed to.  Meditating on Nature and our place in Nature is another Ritual practiced by many Secular Pagans. Participating in the political process and standing for protection of the Environment is a Ritual for some Secular Pagans.  As time passes, there will likely be more Rituals associated with Secular Paganism.

Do Secular Pagans Pray?  Some do, some don't, some meditate, some do neither, it depends on the person. Prayer does not require a belief in a Deity, and can be understood as sending beneficial energy out into the Universe with the power of intention. Prayer is a way of articulating and reinforcing deeply held convictions and beliefs, and confirming their importance with an immediate, focused, action.  We do offer a good selection of diverse Non-denominational and secular prayers at our Interfaith Prayers page here at the Spiral Goddess Grove.  

 Do Secular Pagans become Religious Pagans?  Sometimes, although some do, Secular Paganism, is secular, meaning non-religioius, it is a philosophy.  Many Secular Pagans are already members of various religious traditions and faiths. The two things are not mutually exclusive. Many Secular Pagans will never have  a religion as part of their lives, religion is not necessary for everyone.  

Do Secular Pagans believe in God or a Goddess?  Some do, some don't.  It is not belief in a Deity that unites Secular Pagans, it is a belief in the philosophy and the 15 Guiding Principles of Secular Paganism.


The 15 Guiding Principles of Secular Paganism

  1. Ethical behavior does not require a religion

  2. All living things have a unique spirit or soul 

  3. The equality of genders, races, and all humans

  4. Care must be taken in using Nature's resources

  5. All Earth's life is connected and inter-dependant

  6. The Gaia Principle is an important, basic, truth

  7. The cycles of Nature teach us what is important 

  8. Balance must be maintained for all life to flourish

  9. Our health depends on the The Environment's health

  10. Our individual actions can and do have consequences

  11. Evolution is an ongoing process that occurs in all species

  12. Birth, living and death are natural cycles shared by all life 

  13. Respect for ourselves requires respect for the Earth

  14. All human cultures have value and can teach us  

  15. Gods & Goddesses can be seen as metaphors

                          The 15 Guiding Principles Copyright Abby Willowroot 2009


The way we choose to live and our ethical values are things that we each must decide for ourselves. Each of us has a responsibility to both our ancestors and our descendants, to give careful consideration to our choices, and to make these decisions wisely and well. When you make your decisions I hope you will choose to incorporate the ethics  and values of Secular Paganism into your own beliefs.  These simple principles give respect to all life and safeguard our common future.

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      Thank You for visiting the Secular Paganism FAQ page.  The Spiral Goddess Grove offeres many resources including Interfaith Prayers and Secular Prayers. All life is a journey to be discovered anew everyday. There are always new things to be learned and new skills to be mastered. 

     Secular Paganism is not connected with, or affilliated with any particular religion., Secular Paganism is a philosophy that does not require adherence to any other set of beliefs or religious principles. All that is required is a belief in, and committment to the Guiding Principles of Secular Paganism. 


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