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This is a place to share what you are making with other Young Pagans. Please write to us and send your suggestions and ideas. Let us know what you and your friends are making for the ~Goddess 2000 Project~.

You are the future, and a very important part of the ~Goddess 2000 Project~. We are glad you are here!


The ~Goddess 2000 Project~ is a healing Community Event that seeks to include all branches of the Earth Spirit, Goddess, Pagan, Dianic, Wiccan, Asatru, Yoruba, Heathen, Indigenous Spiritualities, and other related folks.

Whatever our own individual Paths, we have come together here to Celebrate the return of the Goddess, focusing on our shared beliefs, not our differences.


Enter the

Goddess Art Post Card Show!

This is a really fun way to share your Visions and Pagan Spirit with the ~Goddess 2000 Project~ Community around the world.

Pagan Graphics & Web Sets ~

A Set of Venus of Willendorf Web Page Buttons, Moons, Pentacles and Faery Pics are available for you to use. They can be downloaded and used on your Pagan Non-Commercial Websites Goddess Web Sets



From Lisa in NY

I am saving cans with plastic lids and painting them with moons & stars to make drums for my friends. They look pretty kewl, and most of my friends don't have their own drums.

From Justine in Iowa

My friends are making goddess wreaths out of branches and willow shutes. We are decorating them with nature thing, goddeses we make from shrink film and little bells and acorns. They look really kewl! I am making a wreath for each season.

My sister Lorna is making a goddess garden and planting herbs in it. She made the garden in the shape of a fat goddess.

Things to Make

Sculpey Statues
Banners & Flags

Fun with friends

* Collect branches, leaves and stones with your friends to make a Goddess Altar.  You can also make a Ritual Arch or make small Offering Bowls.

Draw pictures of your friends as the Goddess or God you think they would be most like. Be nice, no drawing mean pictures of people you don't like. :-)



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This is for your own protection :-)



Goddess Art Post Card Show!

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