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A Place to Peacefully Pray and Meditate

Our thoughts are with all those who have been lost in this tragedy

9 - 11 - 2001

A place for the prayers of

Pagan, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Shinto, Buddhist, Taoist & people of All Faiths

We light these candles
for all who lost their lives and their loved ones
for the fire fighters, police and rescue workers lost
for those who lost their lives aboard hijacked planes
for all who are touched by this terrible tragedy
for all those trapped, waiting to be found
for all those still searching

Firefighters & Police Altar

This is a Time to Remember .........

those who are lost and in fear for loved ones
those who daily risk their own lives for our safety and rescue
that all people living in this country are Americans, and we all hurt right now
that the acts of a few, do NOT represent an entire race, nation or ethnicity
that hatred solves nothing
that Viet Vets may be especially touched by this tragedy
that denial will NOT help us as a nation, or as individuals
that our lives are woven together like the interlaces
that people under 35 have no experience with this kind of internal strife at all

This is a Time to Remember .........

we can give blood to local blood banks
we can offer support to those who need to talk and absorb this terrible thing
we can acknowledge our frustration without pointing fingers
we can treat our neighbors of ALL ethnicity with respect
we can pray, visualize and focus on healing and the softening of pain
we can be grateful for those who were not killed, but injured instead
we can begin to see all around us as sisters & brothers
we can focus on our similarities and not our differences

This is a Time to Remember .........

that all life is sacred and that every moment is precious
that America is a land of many, many different religions
that we each have a chance to react with compassion and kindness
that we must speak up for those who may be attacked, just for their ethnicity
that anything you do to volunteer in your community is a tribute to America

Blessings, Abby Willowroot

To Give Blood:

American Red Cross ~ 1-800-HELP-NOW
American Red Cross

New York Blood Center ~ 1-800-933-BLOOD
New York Blood Center

To Make Financial Contributions:

American Red Cross ~ 1-800-HELP-NOW
American Red Cross Financial Contributions

Salvation Army ~ 1-800-SAL-ARMY
Salvation Army

New York Firefighter's Memorial Fund:
NY Firefighter's Memorial Fund
NY Firefighters ~ 1-877-863-4783

NY State Fraternal Order of Police Foundation


Where there is hate, may there be Love.
Where there is anger, may there be Wisdom.
Where there is sorrow, may there be Comfort.
Where there is injury, may there be Healing.
Where there is loss, may there be Renewal.

May this great tragedy be an occasion
to connect with the Divine each in our own way,
to strengthen our bonds of support for each other
and to rekindle our resolve to bring about
a world of greater peace, harmony, and well-being.

Blessed Be.

Prayer created by Selena Fox on September 12, 2001
permission to pass on to others is granted --
please include this credit line & permission to share if you do.

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Spiral Goddess Grove

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